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Glossary: G

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General Administration Fund

Apportioned fund that provides for the expenses of administrative functions at the general level of the church. The fund helps to maintain a system of management oversight and fiscal accountability,... Read More

general agency

A term used generically to refer to any council, board, commission, committee or other unit established to carry out denominational work. General agencies are accountable to the General Conference. Source:... Read More

General Conference

The highest legislative body in The United Methodist Church. The voting membership consists of an equal number of clergy and lay delegates elected by the annual conferences. General Conference convenes... Read More

general funds

Funds approved by the General Conference to support various aspects of denominational work. Some funds are apportioned while others, such as churchwide Special Sundays with offerings, the Advance for Christ... Read More

General Minutes, the

Compiled and published annually by the Council on Finance and Administration under the full title, The General Minutes of the Annual Conferences of The United Methodist Church. Each volume contains... Read More

General Rules, the

A set of rules devised in 1738 by John Wesley for his societies. He did this to make clear the connection between the saving faith and Christian behavior and to indicate... Read More

general secretary

The highest ranking staff officer and chief administrative staff person of a general agency. An exception is the General Board of Publication, in which the office is called President and... Read More

Global Ministries, General Board of

The agency whose prime responsibility is to witness to Jesus Christ throughout the world, to recruit and send missionaries, to raise the awareness and support of persons in local churches... Read More

Golden Cross Sunday

Observed in The United Methodist Church each year on a date determined by the annual conference. The observance focuses on the work of health and welfare ministries and institutions in... Read More

Good Friday

The Friday before Easter on which the crucifixion of Jesus is remembered. Good Friday services focus upon prayer and reflection on the death of Christ and penance and special devotion... More


From the Latin evangelium, meaning good tale or good news. Gospel has a number of distinct meanings. It refers to the Good News concerning Christ, the Kingdom of God, and... More