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Glossary: B

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The sacramental act whereby a person is cleansed by the Holy Spirit and becomes part of the body of Christ-the church universal. More

baptized member

A person who has received the sacrament of baptism in a United Methodist Church or has received Christian baptism in another denomination and later transferred to a United Methodist Church. ... Read More


A traditional close to the worship services with a word or a blessing. More


The term used in The United Methodist Church to describe monetary gifts to causes carrying out the mission and program of the denomination. These funds are distinguished from those which... Read More


An elder (ordained minister) who is elected to the office of bishop. More

Book of Discipline, The

A fundamental book outlining the law, doctrine, administration, organizational work and procedures of The United Methodist Church. More

Book of Resolutions, The

The volume containing the text of all resolutions or pronouncements on issues approved by the General Conference and currently valid. More

Book of Worship, The

A book containing the rituals, sacraments and orders of worship related to The United Methodist Church. Source: Sharing God's Gifts Glossary of United Methodist Terms Read More