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Photo by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications / Video by United Methodist Communications

Faithful Christians throughout history can inspire us. In this podcast episode, an author and expert shares lessons from the reformers that strengthen our spirits today.

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Get Your Spirit in Shape: Voices of the Reformation


We have much to learn from people of faith who have gone before us. Their stories not only inform, but can also inspire. Author and musician David Teems is an expert on two towering figures of the Protestant Reformation in England: King James, the man behind the King James Version of the Bible, and William Tyndale, one of the first to translate the Bible into English.

In this podcast episode, Teems shares stories of the Reformation that can encourage United Methodists and others in our spiritual journeys. His latest book Godspeed: Voices of the Reformation is a unique daily devotional that uses the stories and words of the reformers to encourage us in our daily Christian walk.

October 31, 2017, marks the 500thanniversary of the day in 1517 when Martin Luther is said to have nailed his “95 Theses” to the door of Wittenberg Castle Church, effectively beginning the Protestant Reformation.

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This podcast we first released on October 27, 2017.