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Video by United Methodist Communications / Photo by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications

In this podcast episode, the Rev. Rebecca Rutter shares insights she learned about going green, living simply, and making room for Jesus, while building a tiny house.

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Get Your Spirit in Shape: Peace, Simplicity and a Tiny House


It was a stressful year for the Rev. Rebecca Rutter. The United Methodist pastor was in the final year of seminary, pastoring a church, and parenting three children. She needed something to help her relax. For her, this meant building a tiny house.

Rutter has loved house design since childhood, and as an adult studied sustainable architecture, environmentally responsible construction, and alternative ways of providing energy and water to a home. So for her, the challenge of designing and building a 98 square foot house brought together many of her interests, the perfect diversion.

After 11 months of building, Rutter had a tiny house and great insight into peaceful living, simplicity, and gratitude.

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