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Video by United Methodist Communications

Shirley Bachelder, 95, shares life lessons about faith, friendship, gratitude, love, and more, in the October 2016 episode of the Get Your Spirit in Shape podcast.

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Get Your Spirit in Shape: Life lessons from a 95-year-old United Methodist


Shirley Bachelder is 95... “and a half,” she adds with an infections laugh. In those 95-plus years she has learned a great deal about life, faith, friendship, gratitude, love and more.

Shirley Bachelder’s “Love One Another” billboard.

Shirley Bachelder requested one billboard to display her message of love. The company put up 21! Photo by Christopher Fenoglio, United Methodist Communications.

At a time when many of us are longing to hear a word from the Lord, Shirley receives explicit instructions. Advertising the words “love one another” on television and billboards in the Nashville area, came from God. When she needed a new, best friend, she asked the Lord to supply one. God did, and they were friends for decades. She has also asked God where to sleep and where to eat when she and her friend were on the road together.

Shirley maintains a constant conversation with God. “He’s interested in everything,” she says.

In our conversation, we talked about her love for God, the importance of friendship, ways to show God gratitude, and what it means to “love one another.” What a privilege to sit at the feet of someone who has lived a life of deep faith. Her wisdom will encourage and inspire you.

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