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A phone call can change everything in an instant. In this podcast episode, United Methodist pastor Jason Micheli shares how his cancer diagnosis impacted his life and faith. Micheli is the author of Cancer is Funny: Keeping Faith in Stage-Serious Chemo.

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Get Your Spirit in Shape: Keeping Faith and Humor in Cancer


United Methodist pastor Jason Micheli went to the doctor for the serious stomach pains he was experiencing. Later that evening, after some tests the doctor had ordered, he got a call from his physician who asked if Micheli was sitting down.

Thus began this young father's journey with cancer, which he chronicles in his new book Cancer is Funny: Keeping Faith in Stage-Serious Chemo. “All of a sudden, the landscape of my life was completely different,” Micheli says. “And so I think familiar beliefs and familiar Scripture passages all looked different to me.”

In our conversation, we talk about what this personal crisis taught him about himself, God, the church, and more.

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Jason Micheli

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This podcast was posted in February 2017.