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“There’s always more to learn about God,” United Methodist podcaster and author Mike McHargue explains in this podcast episode. Doubts and questions led Science Mike to atheism until a personal encounter with Jesus started him on a path of faith renewal.

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Get Your Spirit in Shape: How Science Led from Atheism to Faith


What do we do with our doubt? While we would like a level of certainty about our faith, questions persist about the Bible, science, and other things we’ve been taught about God.

In this episode, we talk with Mike McHargue, a United Methodist, popular podcaster, and author of Finding God in the Waves: How I Lost My Faith and Found It Again through Science. “Science Mike,” as he is known in his podcasts, shares how after being raised in a Christian home, his doubts and questions led him to conclude that God did not exist. After an unexpected personal encounter with Jesus, he returned to a new understanding of faith that welcomes and embraces questions.

If you have ever wrestled with doubt, or are struggling with questions about faith, you are sure to find encouragement in this conversation.

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This podcast was posted in January 2017.