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When we become Christians, we begin a lifelong journey of following Jesus. In this podcast episode, leaders at Discipleship Ministries discuss how sharing our faith in groups helps us grow as disciples of Jesus Christ.

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Get Your Spirit in Shape: Everyday Disciples


When we become Christians, we begin a lifelong journey of following Jesus every day. John Wesley taught the early Methodists to meet together in small groups called classes, to help one another along the way. The United Methodist Church continues to encourage Christians to gather in discipleship groups that will help us grow in our love of God and neighbor.

In this episode, we talk about discipleship with three leaders at Discipleship Ministries who have each authored books about leading Covenant Discipleship groups with adults, youth, and children. Their work will inspire you to enter into covenant with fellow disciples of Jesus Christ for your own spiritual growth and the benefit of your church.

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Steve Mansakr, Director Wesleyan Leadership

Chris Wilterdink, Director Young People's Ministries

Melanie Gordon, Director Ministry with Children

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