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Have you ever thought of using Facebook in your spiritual life? In episode 4 of Get Your Spirit in Shape, the Rev. R. Scott Miller shares some ideas on how we can!

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Get Your Spirit in Shape: Can You Be Social and Spiritual Too?


Have you ever thought of using Facebook in your spiritual life?

Most of us use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to keep up with friends, family, celebrities, and even the people we knew in high school. We can also use them to keep up with our spiritual lives.

The Rev. R. Scott Miller, a United Methodist pastor in Ohio and the founder of TeKnowPreach—an online community that helps pastors and churches use technology to enhance their ministries—shares some ideas about how we can use social media to grow spiritually, and to share the story of our faith journeys when we post.

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Rev. R. Scott Miller

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