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Monthly United Methodist resources help start talks about love and other faith topics. Image by Sara Schork, United Methodist Communications.

Image by Sara Schork, United Methodist Communications

Get your family talking about love with this discussion starter. Caring for others is a way of showing them how much God loves us.

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Get Them Talking: Love


Get Them Talking is a series of monthly resources to help families lead devotion, dinnertime, or anytime conversations about issues of faith.

Scripture Reading

“Above all, clothe yourselves with love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony.” Colossians 3:14 NRSV


Many of us have a favorite article of clothing. Maybe we like the way it looks or how comfortable it is. It could be our favorite because it makes us feel special, or shows others something about who we are and what we like.

The Bible tells us we can put on love like clothes, by remembering how much God loves each person in our lives every day. Love brings people together, helps us cooperate with others, and teaches us that other people are important. When we put on love like clothes, we let others see God’s love living in us. 

Get them talking

  • What is your favorite thing to wear? Why?
  • What does it mean to wear love? How is that different from how we normally think about love?
  • Our verse says that love “binds everything together in perfect harmony.” What do you think that means?


Dear God, teach me how to put on love so that I can help show others just how much you love us. Amen.


Ask each family member to find at least two items of clothing they no longer wear. Donate those clothes to an organization that helps those who do not have clothes to wear. What else might you donate? 

Is there a topic you would like us to include as a devotional? Let us know. 
This devotional was first posted on February 5, 2019.