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FAQs: Committee Leadership

Where can I find charge conference forms?

Charge Conference: There are several places to obtain these forms. Read More

What is the process for changing the name of an existing local church?

Charge Conference: Does the Book of Discipline address this question? Read More

Who decides on the membership of the church council?

Church Council: How many members should be on the church council? Read More

Can youth be members of the church council?

Church Council: Is youth participation on the church council allowed, recommended, or required? Read More

Can paid staff persons vote on committees?

Church Council: What about voting on other committees? Read More

How are vacancies filled that occur in committees?

Church Council: If a committee member resigns, how is the vacant position filled? Read More

How many members are needed for a quorum for any committee?

Church Council: What is the definition of a quorum? Read More

Can you define the term “immediate family” as it applies to the pastor-parish relations committee?

Pastor-Parish Relations: How is this phrase defined by the Book of Discipline? Read More

Are the lay leader and lay member included in the maximum of nine members on the PPR committee?

Pastor-Parish Relations: Does this extend the maximum to eleven members? Read More

Can the pastor-parish relations committee meet in closed session without the pastor?

Pastor-Parish Relations: Is the committee allowed to meet without the pastor? Read More

Can a PPR member serve a second three-year term immediately after serving a first term?

Pastor-Parish Relations: Is the member required to take a certain amount of time off before beginning another term? Read More

Is the pastor a voting member of the board of trustees?

Learn how The Book of Discipline addresses this issue. Read More