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Celebrating Diversity Within the Global Methodist Family


WHEREAS, modern developments in transportation, communications, and technology have brought peoples and nations closer together; and

WHEREAS, globality tends to be understood in The United Methodist Church basically in terms of the United Methodist presence beyond the boundaries of the United States and almost exclusively in relation to those sections of the Church that are structurally within it; and

WHEREAS, there are a number of churches in the Methodist family that out of a sense of calling by the Holy Spirit, a desire to affirm their own identity, and their need for self-determination have elected to become autonomous;

Therefore, be it resolved, that The United Methodist Church:

  1. celebrate the God-given diversity of race, culture, and people at every level of Church life in our worship and other activities;
  2. celebrate the global dimension brought to The United Methodist Church by sisters and brothers from all over the globe and the Native American nations, who are a part of US society and The United Methodist Church;
  3. celebrate the affiliated autonomous Methodist churches and the Central Conferences of The United Methodist Church as important expressions of the diversity of cultures and peoples called by God to be the church universal;
  4. work for a future where The United Methodist Church and the autonomous Methodist churches throughout the world, expressing their faith through their unique, God-given culture, will share resources, personnel, and perspectives as equals in their common task of evangelizing all the world;
  5. continue and strengthen its ecumenical commitment; and
  6. embody this vision as possible in all United Methodist programs.

readopted 2008
Resolution #360, 2004 Book of Resolutions

From The Book of Resolutions of The United Methodist Church - 2008. Copyright © 2008 by The United Methodist Publishing House. Used by permission.