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A street memorial remembers crime victims. Chaplain Bruce Cook runs a support group for families who have lost loved ones to violent crimes.

A United Methodist Prayer: Turning to God in Days of Trouble

When struggling with tragedy in the news or in our personal lives, we turn to God for comfort, peace, hope, and strength. Watch and pray. View

Denounce violence and racism and EMBRACE LOVE. Download these graphics to use on your Facebook profile or share on your timeline. Art by United Methodist Communications

Embrace love through social media

When violence occurs, we need to be a source of goodness in our communities. Here are some ways you can spread a message of love on social media. Read More

Photo by Kathleen Barry,  illustration by Cindy Caldwell; United Methodist Communications.

Ways United Methodists can take a stand against gun violence

The United Methodist Book of Resolutions calls us to work for what we pray for: a world free from mass killings. Read More

The United Methodist Book of Discipline serves as a guide for members and churches. Photo by Mike DuBose, United Methodist Communications.

Ways United Methodists can talk together about war and peace

Violence and military action raise questions for many United Methodists. Talking together about difficult issues can help us hear God speaking to us. Read More

The nation's leading resource and advocacy organization for crime victims and those who serve them.

Get Information That Helps!

The nation's leading resource and advocacy organization for crime victims and those who serve them. Read More

Add Your Voice!

Coalition united by the call of our faiths to confront America’s gun violence epidemic and to rally support for policies that reduce death and injury from gunfire. Read More

Sheri Tyler Kimble shares a hug with Sean Siple during the giving of peace. Photo by Kathleen Barry, UMNS.

Becoming a Peacemaker: A Reflection

In a world that can seem to be full of violence, this meditation offers a prayer and a call for United Methodists to be peacemakers. View

A mother and daughter pray. Photo by bigbirdz,

How to help children after a crisis

Acknowledge children's fears and use these tips to help them to cope in a world that is often very unpredictable and scary. Read More

Strength for Service to God and Community is a book of daily devotions for police officers, firefighters, healthcare workers and other first responders.

“Strength for Service” devotionals provide spiritual solace for first responders

United Methodist Men expressed their concern for those who responded to the Oregon campus shooting by rushing copies to the chaplain of the Roseburg Police Department. Read More

Participants at a Feb. 28, 2013 prayer vigil at Chardon United Methodist Church in Ohio found solace in sharing stories and concerns. Photo by John Eltzroth, Chardon United Methodist Church.

Worship Resources for Times of Crisis

Find liturgies, prayers, music and other resources to help your congregation through times of struggle and tragedy. Read More

Consoling one another. Photo by Andy Bernay-Roman, Flickr, Creative Commons License.

Dealing with Grief: 5 Things You Shouldn’t Say

We often have no idea what to say in the face of senseless loss, especially when children are the victims of tragedy. Read More

Helping children cope with violence

Find concrete suggestions for how parents and congregations can help children deal with violent events they hear about in news. Read More

Why Do the Innocent Suffer?

In this excerpt from his book, Why? Making Sense of God's Will, Adam Hamilton addresses the question of why God allows suffering. Read More

A statue of “Weeping Jesus” is found near the memorial site in Oklahoma City where 168 perished in the 1995 terrorist bombing. Photo by Ronny Perry, UMNS

‘Jesus wept’: Finding God’s comfort when times are bad

Writer reflects, 'Though only 10 characters, too short to tweet, that verse has tremendous significance, when we are struggling to find hope.' Read More