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Archives: Lent and Easter Features

“The Road to Emmaus,” an 1877  painting by Robert Zund.  The Gospel of Luke account remains beloved reading and gives inspiration to spiritual retreats. Public Domain

Walking with Christ: Do you know the way to Emmaus?

Luke’s account of the risen Christ’s journey remains beloved reading and gives inspiration to United Methodist-supported retreats. Here is why it resonates. Read More

Sacro Monte di Crea. The finding of the empty tomb of Christ, statues by Antonio Brilla, 1889. (Public domain). Photo by Stefano Bistolfi, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

‘We shall be raised!’

“I believe in … the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting." Christians have repeated these words for centuries. But what do they mean? Several scholars offer their perspectives. Read More

Holy Thursday foot washing at Belmont United Methodist Church, Nashville, Tennessee. Photo by Mike DuBose, United Methodist News Service.

Washing Feet: A dream for a servant

"There is nothing more important in heaven or on earth than washing feet." A sick man's dream of Jesus changes his life forever. Read More

Passover Seder Plate features symbolic foods. Photo courtesy of Mount Bethel United Methodist Church.

Sharing Passover Seders

By sharing Passover Seder with Jewish neighbors, Christians can learn more about the roots of several Christian practices and the influence of Judaism in Jesus’ teachings. Read More