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Archives: Lent and Easter Family Resources

Geoffrey Booker, 6, prays before mealtime at his home in Brentwood, TN. File photo by Mike DuBose, United Methodist Communications.

Remembering Holy Week: Celebrating Easter at Home

Here are several ideas to help families journey toward Easter together and then to make Easter a season long, rather than one-day, celebration. Read More

Adults can help young people understand the story of Jesus' death better. Photo courtesy, CC0 Public Domain.

Teaching children about Holy Week: Telling the whole story

Telling kids the story of Jesus' death is difficult, but it gives a new appreciation of Easter. Children's ministry leaders offer tips for parents. Read More

Pretzels are shaped like two arms crossed in prayer. Try this fun recipe with your children. Public domain photo.

A recipe for Lenten pretzels

Pretzels are great for Lent because they are shaped like two arms crossed in prayer. Try this recipe with your children. Read More

Woman sits in park. Photo illustration by Ronny Perry, United Methodist Communications.

40 Days of Lent: Find your own spiritual path

There is no one, right way to observe a holy Lent. These ideas and resources will help you stay on track throughout the season. Read More

Man receives ashes on his forehead.  Photo illustration by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications.

Making Ash Wednesday Accessible for Children

Ash Wednesday can be among the most accessible of rituals in our liturgy for children and their families, IF it's not handled in a "stuffy" or overly formalistic way. Read More

Coins collected through the year can be used in a Lent coin calendar. Photo by Kathryn Price, United Methodist Communications.

Lent coin calendar helps families focus on others

Downloadable calendar helps churches or individuals examine their lifestyles and commit money to help those in need. Read More

B.J. Elder, a volunteer reading tutor from First United Methodist Church, Franklin, Tenn., listens to Keyla Hoyos, 8, read during the Change the World weekend. The congregation has an ongoing relationship with La Casa de mi Padre Church for whom they offer language and reading tutoring.  Photo by Kathleen Barry, UMNS. Accompanies UMNS story #172. 5/17/11.

Family Study for Lent

Explore the meaning of Lent with your family through activities, prayers and guided discussions. Read More

Family Lenten Offering

Every family has at least two kinds of treasures. One is money and another is time. Read More

A young girl learns about the symbolism of the egg in Sunday School. Photo courtesy of United Methodist Communications.

Observing Holy Week in the Home

These ideas will help families journey toward Easter together. Read More

Photo illustration of family painting eggs and preparing for Easter. Photo purchased from iStock, April 2104. OMG Images

Sharing Easter with your children

Ways to talk with children about Jesus’ death and resurrection, and ideas for preparing for Easter as a family, including making banners. Read More