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Archives: Living Your Faith Daily

A parishioner reads a Bible in Beijing, China. Photo by Mike DuBose, United Methodist News Service.

United Methodist Beliefs: Is the Bible Literal?

Adam Hamilton talks about interpreting biblical stories. ‘They’re really not trying to tell us the story of some ancient people. They’re trying to tell us about ourselves.’ View

Ecologically grown vegetables. Photo by Elina Mark, Wikimedia Commons.

Wesley’s diet, exercise tips promote health

Fatty, artery-clogging treats are out. High fiber, diabetic-friendly foods are in. Fad celebrity diet? No, just following in the footsteps of Methodism founder John Wesley. Read More

A street memorial remembers crime victims. Chaplain Bruce Cook runs a support group for families who have lost loved ones to violent crimes.

A United Methodist Prayer: Turning to God in Days of Trouble

When struggling with tragedy in the news or in our personal lives, we turn to God for comfort, peace, hope, and strength. Watch and pray. View

Seniors work out at Ankeny United Methodist Church in Ankeny, Iowa. The church has multipurpose rooms that hold both

Can church friends be a diet secret?

Keeping up a fitness routine can be rough, but some United Methodist churches offer ways to stay strong. Read More

Stained glass window from the Christ United Methodist Church and Ministry Center in San Diego, Calif. Photo by Jan Snider, United Methodist Communications

United Methodist pastors join call to ‘live in gratitude’

Amid news of mass shootings, political divisiveness and natural disasters, we can still live in faith by returning to gratefulness. Read More

United Methodists can help keep their churches safe by understanding some of the risks. Photo by Gwen Kisker, Kisker Productions for United Methodist Communications.

Staying safe at church: What every member can do

Every United Methodist can participate in the safety and security of their congregation by giving their time and attention to certain things. Read More

Youth of Centenary United Methodist Church in Los Angeles serve a meal during their annual

Easy ways to share gratitude this Thanksgiving

Find creative ideas to make this season of thanks more about giving than receiving. Read More

When tragedy strikes, we find comfort in serving others. Creative Commons courtesy

“You did it for me”: Serving others in times of tragedy

As we search for hope, comfort, and answers after tragedies like the shooting in Las Vegas, a story from Jesus offers guidance for United Methodists to reach out in love. Read More

Photo by Kathleen Barry,  illustration by Cindy Caldwell; United Methodist Communications.

Ways United Methodists can take a stand against gun violence

As we pray for the community of Sutherland Springs, Texas, the Book of Resolutions calls us to work for what we pray for: a world free from mass killings. Read More

United Methodists held lanterns during a climate vigil held following a day's sessions of the 2016 General Conference. Photo by Paul Jeffrey, United Methodist Communications.

Ways we can combat climate change

We can help reduce the adverse effects of our changing global climate by lowering our energy usage and raising our voices. Read More

The UMC group page on Facebook offers inspirational and informational content. Photo by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications.

Can Twitter and Facebook feed your spirit? Maybe.

If your social media feed sometimes leaves you feeling stressed, hurt, or confused, don’t despair. There are bright spots online that offer the Light. More

The Special Pen Pals Program of First United Methodist Church in Grand Junction, CO fosters new friendships across generations. Photo by Ken Redding Photography.

How to be a better grandparent by being a better disciple

United Methodist Men's leader offers a reminder: “They’ve got an intentional role, in the lives of their grandchildren, helping them transform into the men and women that God plans.” Read More

Image shows hands folded on pages of a Bible. Creative Commons, courtesy of Unsplash.

True discipleship is intentional: Ideas to grow your faith

Experiment. Do things that bring you joy. Commit to growing closer to God. Faithful United Methodists share their tips for being better disciples. Read More

As people of faith, we remember to glorify God in all of our work. Photo by Kathryn Price, illustration by United Methodist Communications.

Can your work bring you closer to God?

How can we mix our career and our Christianity? Get inspiration from Scripture along with lessons from Methodism's founder. Read More

United Methodists were among those present at a rally decrying racism in Greenville, SC on August 13, 2017. Photo courtesy Melanie C. Gordon, Discipleship Ministries.

Ways United Methodists can take a stand against racism

In light of recent racial violence in the U.S., there are calls to take action. By changing beliefs and behavior we can work to change the world. Read More

Providing and protecting water is Lorrie King's job and her passion. Photo courtesy Lorrie King.

Get Your Spirit in Shape: God’s Precious Gift of Water

A global heath leader at the United Methodist Committee on Relief, talks about global water issues, and things we can do to make a difference. Listen

The green flag marking the start of the NASCAR FedEx 400 waves as cars pick up speed prior to crossing the checkered line at Dover International Speedway. Photo by Staff Sgt. Elizabeth Morris, courtesy of the U.S. Air Force.

Racing through life? Indy pastor’s tips to make the laps count

Serving near NASCAR and IndyCar racetracks, Rob Fuquay sees meaning in the racing flags and how they relate to our spiritual journeys. Read More

Two former enemies embrace in Vasconcellos’ sculpture Reconciliation. Photo by Martinvl, courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Living as a person of peace in a broken world

Conflicts reported in the news and felt in daily life are disruptive. A United Methodist expert has tips for finding and sharing peace. Read More

The United Methodist Church interviewed children about their faith for an advertising campaign. Photo by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications.

Get Your Spirit in Shape: Learning about God by Listening to Kids

In this podcast episode, leaders tell us what children shared in a United Methodist ad campaign about God, faith, questions, and the church. Listen

Sharing an adventure to a farm can be a great way for a dad to enjoy time with his children. Photo courtesy Molly Wantland,

Everyday ways dads can say “I love you”

Parents can struggle to find ways to express love. Get some ideas to help, and learn how the father of the founders of Methodism let his children know he cared. Read More

Get your spirit in shape with podcasts! Artwork courtesy of United Methodist Communications.

Get Your Spirit in Shape podcast

United Methodist podcast offers tools, tips and thoughts to help us live our faith more fully. Listen to individual episodes or subscribe. More

The choirs of Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church in Minneapolis sing during a Sunday service. Photo courtesy of Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church.

Choir members enjoy health, spiritual benefits

Singing in church creates better worship, a greater sense of community, and improves health, say United Methodist music ministers. Read More

Parents must adapt to new ways of parenting as their children grown into adulthood. File photo of 2012 graduation at Africa University courtesy Africa University.

How faith helps parents as children leave the nest

Parents throughout history have had to adjust as their kids age. A United Methodist counselor has ideas for navigating the changes. Read More

A United Methodist pastor and mom shares her experiences in being a mom. Photo courtesy of the Rev. Betsy Singleton Snyder.

Get Your Spirit in Shape: Parenting, Chaos, and Community

In this podcast episode, a United Methodist pastor and author shares what she has learned as the mom of 4 boys and the spouse of a US Congressman. Listen

Ryan Brechbill, Director of the Center for Career & Professional Development at Otterbein University, advises student Haley Young, a public relations major. Photo by Marilyn Williams.

5 tips for students in a competitive job market

It's the time of year for graduations and job searches. United Methodist-related colleges offer career-prep tips for a "smoother journey." Read More

Pastor who built tiny house learned lessons about going green, living simply, and making room for Jesus. Screen capture from a video by United Methodist Communications.

Pastor on going green: Smaller footprint, more room for Jesus

United Methodist pastor Rev. Rebecca Rutter believes living simply benefits our planet and can deepen our spiritual lives. Earth Day is April 22. Read More

The United Methodist Book of Discipline serves as a guide for members and churches. Photo by Mike DuBose, United Methodist Communications.

Ways United Methodists can talk together about war and peace

Violence and military action raise questions for many United Methodists. Talking together about difficult issues can help us hear God speaking to us. Read More

Adults can help young people understand the story of Jesus' death better. Photo courtesy, CC0 Public Domain.

Teaching children about Holy Week: Telling the whole story

Telling kids the story of Jesus' death is difficult, but it gives a new appreciation of Easter. Children's ministry leaders offer tips for parents. Read More

High school students and parents shop for prom dresses at Prom Boutique at Woods Chapel United Methodist Church. Photo courtesy of Prom Boutique.

Churches offer free formal wear, and God’s love, to teens

Ministries that share donated dresses help students cut costs and look great. 'Maybe she’ll think about the church that made her feel beautiful.' Read More

In this episode of Get Your Spirit in Shape podcast, United Methodist pastor Jason Micheli shares how his cancer diagnosis impacted his life and faith. Photo courtesy of Jason Micheli.

Get Your Spirit in Shape: Keeping Faith and Humor in Cancer

In this podcast episode, United Methodist pastor Jason Micheli shares what he learned about himself and his faith in the midst of a health crisis. Listen

A billboard features 95-year-old United Methodist Shirley Bachelder. Image courtesy of Shirley Bachelder.

95-Year-Old Billboard Star’s Message: Love

Meet the billboard poster gal who reminded a city to love one another. United Methodist Shirley Bachelder helps us count our blessings. View

Two former enemies embrace in Vasconcellos’ sculpture Reconciliation. Photo by Martinvl, courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Finding healing and peace in a polarized political climate

United Methodists may feel divided on issues inside and outside the church. An expert in conflict transformation offers tips to help us reconnect. Read More

Shirley Bachelder, 95, shares in an episode of our podcast how she stays in constant communication with God. Photo by Fran Walsh, United Methodist Communications.

Life Lessons from a 95-year-old United Methodist

Shirley Bachelder teaches us about faith, friendship, prayer, joy, gratitude, and love. Her wisdom will encourage and inspire you. Listen

Sheila Bates joined us in our studio to record an episode of Get Your Spirit in Shape. Photo by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications.

College, Church and Faith with Sheila Bates

Finding a faith community in college can be challenging. A United Methodist college ministry leader shares helpful tips for students, parents and churches. Listen

Dogs can remind us of God's love each day. Photo courtesy of Barbara Bailey Hutchison.

Song celebrates links between God and Dog

Animals can remind us "God is always there, waiting for us, forgiving us, loving us unconditionally." View

Worshipers at Easter fill Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church in Atlanta where attendance has been on a steady rise. Photo by Joseph McBrayer.

A faux pas in the pew: What to do?

We all want to see more people in church, so what are the best ways to be welcoming and patient year-round? 'Ask Amy' advice columnist has tips. Read More

Everyday Disciples with Discipleship Ministry leaders

Becoming a Christian is the beginning of a lifelong process of following Jesus. Covenant Discipleship Groups help provide companions for the journey. Listen

Changing Pastors? It’s Going to be Okay with Bob Kaylor

United Methodist pastor and author offers assurance and tips on what to do when your church gets a new pastor. Listen

Can You Be Social and Spiritual Too? with R. Scott Miller

Have you ever thought of using Facebook to enrich your spiritual life? A United Methodist pastor shares some ideas of how we can! Listen

Planning a wonderful welcome celebration is but one part of a successful pastoral transition. Photo by Kimberly Kappel, courtesy Flickr. Edited by

We’re getting a new pastor! What can I do?

When leadership changes, so do churches. A pastor who has been there before shares lessons learned and tips to make things work well right from the start. Read More