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John and Charles Wesley are featured in an illustration by Charlie Baber for the video series Wesleys Take the Web. Produced by United Methodist Communications.

Illustration by Charlie Baber for United Methodist Communications

John and Charles Wesley are featured in an animated video series called Wesleys Take the Web.

2018 United Methodist Videos


One way to hear and see the story of the people of The United Methodist Church is through video features. In 2018, we published videos about truly inspiring acts from church members, along with stories related to our Wesleyan tradition and history. We also featured a video series with United Methodist clergy answering questions about the basic teachings and concepts of our faith.

Recycled wedding dresses are used to create Recycled Bridal Gowns for Lost Babies
One of our most touching pieces in 2018 was about a ministry based in Atlanta that recycles bridal gowns for families who have babies die. It’s a great example of caring individuals seeing a need and finding a way to help.


Wesleyan Tradition
A new animated series features a more modern John and Charles.The Wesleys Take the Web
In a series of short videos, modern animated versions of the brothers who founded Methodism talk about the growth of the church and Methodist teachings and traditions. Consider it John and Charles 2.0.



The Rev. Felicia Hopkins discusses baptism.United Methodist Beliefs: Baptism
Are there sacraments and customs of the church you want to explore more fully? In our Reflections on Our Faith series, we ask United Methodist pastors to share their understanding of terms. One example  features the Rev. Felicia Hopkins talking about baptism. More Reflections on Our Faith.


Missionary Susan Angeline Collins started a school in Angola.African American Woman’s Incredible Life as a Methodist Missionary
In 2018, we celebrated the first 50 years of The United Methodist Church, but Methodism in the U.S. dates back to 1736. has many stories related to the church’s rich history. One favorite from 2018 was a profile of Susan Angeline Collins, a remarkable woman and devoted missionary who served the church in the early 1900s. More history

We hope you will take time to watch the videos we share on You can also find United Methodist videos on our YouTube channel and on Instagram.

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