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2018 United Methodist Quizzes


Throughout the year we create content with the goal to inspire and inform our readers. In addition to feature articles, prayers, videos, and podcasts, we offer quizzes that present current and historical information in an interactive manner. These quizzes are popular with church members, especially Sunday school and confirmation classes. Here are four that were very popular in 2018.

Holy Week Quiz
The Passion and Resurrection of Our Lord is a time of great meaning in our church. Take this quiz to see how much you know about the symbols and events during Holy Week.


Wesleyan Tradition
Circuit Rider Quiz
They road thousands of miles alone on horseback, caring only about the souls they would meet and save on the road. Explore the travels of the preachers who built the church in America and around the world.


Communion Quiz
It's the meal that makes us one. Take this quiz about the sacrament of Communion and test your knowledge about our open table, angled communion cups, and the use of grape juice.


United Methodist Church: First 50 Years Quiz
In 2018 The United Methodist Church celebrated our 50th anniversary. Relive special moments during the decades with a quiz about our shared history, symbols, and organizations.


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