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Our podcast chats teach about discipleship. Screen capture of video by United Methodist Communications.

Screen capture of video by United Methodist Communications

Get Your Spirit in Shape is United Methodist Communications’ podcast that helps us keep our souls as healthy as our bodies.

2018 United Methodist Podcasts


Get Your Spirit in Shape shares conversations that “help us keep our souls as healthy as our bodies.” In 2018, our third year, we talked to pastors, authors, leaders of general agencies, missionaries, bloggers, podcasters, a cartoonist, and other United Methodists who shared thoughts about prayer, fear, health, using our gifts, marriage, difficult conversations, and so much more! We also continued to meet our bishops through informal conversations about their lives of faith and how they keep their spirits in shape today.

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Weathering Life’s Storms with The Rev. Myriam Cortes
Using the story of Jesus inviting Peter to walk on water with him, Pastor Myriam Cortes of Iglesia Metodista Unida Ebenezer in Nashville, Tenn. shares how her faith sustained her during a particularly “stormy” season that included a national policy decision affecting her community, a member of her congregation being deported, and worrying about her friends and family in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Her faithfulness is inspiring and has much to teach us.

Wesleyan Tradition

Getting (and Staying) Healthy with Sabrina Rodgers and Olusimbo Ige
John Wesley and the early Methodists cared for people's bodies as they sought to save their souls. Wesley even provided a compilation of home remedies called Primitive Physick, his best-selling book during his lifetime, and the Methodist Societies were often centers for those who could not afford to see a doctor. In this episode, we hear from a doctor and a nurse who lead The United Methodist Church’s Abundant Health initiative, about the value of some of Wesley’s remedies and where they fall short, how his advice for staying healthy was often ahead of its time, and how The United Methodist Church continues in ministries of health and healing today.


Meet Bishop Eduard Khegay
Our “Meet a Bishop” episodes offer insight into the lives of our bishops, including where they grew up, their first encounters with church, and how they stay spiritually healthy today. In our conversation with Bishop Eduard Khegay of Eurasia, he shares what it was like to grow up in the former Soviet Union skeptical of the Christian faith. He tells about how in college, where he was studying nuclear weapons, he met a missionary and connected with a young adult ministry that changed his life. Bishop Khegay also shares what it is like to be a United Methodist Christian in Russia.


Inspiring Women of Faith with Carolyn Johnson
We asked Carolyn Johnson, past national president of United Methodist Women, to tell us about some of the people who shaped her faith. In this conversation, she tells wonderful stories of women who inspired her. Her grandmother’s dedication to prayer taught her a great deal about lifting up the concerns of friends and neighbors. Two strangers taught her about education, leadership and opportunity. The strength of a prominent journalist, activist, and researcher from the early 1900s named Ida B. Wells-Barnett continues to encourage her today. As you listen and learn, think about those who have inspired you along your spiritual journey.

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