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2008 Book of Resolutions Table of Contents



User's Guide

Social Creed
Companion Litany
Social Principles Preface and Preamble

¶ 160

The Social Principle
The Resolutions


1001. Energy Policy Statement
1002. US Energy Policy and United Methodist Responsibility
1003. Nuclear Safety in the United States


1021. Cease Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining
1022. A Dioxin-Free Future
1023. Environmental Justice for a Sustainable Future
1024. Environmental Law-The Precautionary Principle
1025. Environmental Racism
1026. Environmental Stewardship
1027. God's Creation and the Church
1028. Law of the Sea
1029. Protection of Water
1030. Recycling and the Use of Recycled Products
1031. Resolution on Global Warming


The Social Principle
The Resolutions

Christian Education

2001. Christian Education
2002. Faith Communities on Campus
2003. Support Campus Ministers
2004. Revitalizing The United Methodist Church
and Theological Education


2021. Adoption in a Global Context
2022. Support for Adoption
2023. Support for Clergy Families
2024. Caring for Clergy Spouses, Children,
and Youth During Divorce
2025. May as Christian Home Month
2026. Responsible Parenthood
2027. Gender-Selective Abortion
2028. Putting Children and Their Families First
2029. Nurturing Marriage and Family

Human Sexuality

2041. Church to Be in Ministry to Persons of
All Sexual Orientations
2042. Report of the Task Force on Homosexuality
and the Unity of the Church
2043. Opposition to Homophobia and Heterosexism
2044. Sexual Misconduct Within Ministerial Relationships
2045. Eradication of Sexual Harassment in
The United Methodist Church and Society
2046. Rights of All Persons


2061. Being the Church Amid Disagreement


2081. Pornography and Sexual Violence
2082. Prevention of the Use of Pornography in the Church


2101. Support Chrysalis at All Levels of the Church
2102. Support the Walk to Emmaus at All Levels of the Church
2103. Affirmation for the Historic Doctrines of the Christian Faith
2104. Recover Doctrinal Heritage and Encourage
Biblical and Theological Dialogue
2105. Lay Responsibility for Growth of the Church
2106. Spiritual Unity in Human Diversity


2121. Suicide: A Challenge to Ministry
2122. Teen Sexual Identity and Suicide Risk

¶ 162

The Social Principle
The Resolutions

Accessibility/Equal Access

3001. Accessibility Grants for Churches
3002. Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act for Employers
3003. United Methodist Implementation of Americans with Disabilities Act .
3004. Assisting Personal Mobility
3005. Strengthening Inclusivity of Individuals with Print Handicaps
3006. Care for People Who Are Hard-of-Hearing
3007. Closed Captioning
3008. Communications Access for People Who Have Hearing and Sight Impairment
3009. The Church and Deaf Ministries


3021. Abuse of Older Adults
3022. Aging in the United States-The Church's Response
3023. Older Adult Recognition Day
3024. Mission and Aging of the Global Population

Alcohol and Other Drugs

3041. Alcoholic Beverage Advertising at the Olympics
3042. Alcohol and Other Drugs
3043. Keep Children and Youth Free from
Alcohol and Other Drugs
3044. Drinking on Campus
3045. A Call to Action on Alcohol

Black Americans

3061. African American Family Life
3062. A History of Blacks
3063. African American Methodist Heritage Center (AAMHC)
3064. Resourcing Black Churches in Urban Communities
3065. Black Leadership
3066. Observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day
3067. Support Reparations for African Americans


3081. Child Care and the Church
3082. Church Support of Caregivers of Children
3083. Eradicating Abusive Child Labor
3084. Reducing the Risk of Child Sexual Abuse in the Church
3085. Child Soldiers
3086. Children's Sabbath
3087. Prohibit Corporal Punishment in Schools and Child-Care Facilities
3088. Discipline Children Without Corporal Punishment
3089. The Girl Child

Church and Community Development

3101. National Cooperative Ministry Leadership
3102. Plan of Support for Cooperative Ministry
3103. Cooperative Parish Ministry
3104. Affirmation and Celebration of Professional Lay Ministry
3105. Facilitation of Cooperative Ministry Throughout the Church
3106. Church and Community Workers
3107. Church and Community Workers Support Mission Initiatives
3108. Communities of Shalom
3109. Mission Personnel in the United States
3110. Use of Church Facilities by Community Groups
3111. Volunteers in Mission

Cultural Issues

3121. Affirming the Use of Diverse Languages in the United States
and Opposing a Constitutional Amendment Making English the Official Language
3122. Biracial/Multiracial Inclusive Language
3123. Replace Term "Ethnic Minority" with "Ethnic Person"
3124. Support for Five Ethnic National Plans
3125. Support for Multicultural and Ethnic-Specific Ministries
3126. The Church's Response to Ethnic and Religious Conflict
3127. Holocaust Memorial Day (Yom HaShoah)
3128. Prejudice Against Muslims and Arabs in the USA

Ecumenical Issues

3141. Support of Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification
3142. Called to Be Neighbors and Witnesses-Guidelines for Interreligious Relationships
3143. Guidelines for Cooperation in Mission
3144. Encounter with Christ in Latin America and the Caribbean
3145. Resolution of Intent-With a View to Unity
3146. Resolution on the National Council of Churches
3147. Building New Bridges in Hope
3148. Strengthening Bridges
3149. Receive Guidelines for Ministering to Mormons Who Seek to Become United Methodists Organization Memberships:
3150. Continuation of Commission on Pan-Methodist Cooperation and Union
3151. Continue Membership in the World Methodist Council
3152. Continue Membership in the National Council of Churches
3153. Continue Membership in Churches Uniting in Christ
3154. Continue Membership in the World Council of Churches
3155. Gideons International Membership Eligibility


3161. Education, The Gift of Hope
3162. The Right of All to Quality Education
3163. Equity in Access to High School Education


3181. New Developments in Genetic Science
3182. Human Cloning
3183. Stem Cell Research
3184. Guidelines for Developing Genetically Modified Organisms
3185. Repentance for Support of Eugenics

Health Care

3201. Health Care for All in the United States
3202. Health and Wholeness
3203. Observance of Health Care Justice Sabbaths
3204. Support for the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice
3205. Faithful Care for Persons Suffering and Dying
3206. Protecting Children from Mercury-containing Drugs
3207. Quality in United Methodist Health Care
3208. United Methodist Response to Hospital Mergers

Hispanic Americans

3221. Rio Grande Conference
3222. Annual Conference Strategic, Comprehensive Plans for Hispanic/Latino-Latina Ministries


3241. A Covenant to Care: Recognizing and Responding to
the Many Faces of HIV / AIDS in the USA
3242. World AIDS Day Observance
3243. The Church and the Global HIV / AIDS Pandemic
3244. United Methodist Global AIDS Fund Distribution

Housing and Homelessness

3261. Homelessness in the United States
3262. Housing in the USA


3281. Welcoming the Migrant to the US
3282. Sons and Daughters of Our Fathers
3283. US Immigration and Family Unity

Mental Health

3301. Abusive Treatment Methods for Persons with Mental Disabilities
3302. Caring Communities-The United Methodist Mental Illness Network
3303. Mental Illness, Mental Health Courts, and the Christian Community
3304. The Church and People with Mental, Physical, and/or Psychological Disabilities
3305. Ministries in Mental Illness
3306. Healing of Post-Abortion Stress

Native Americans

Church Relations:

3321. Comity Agreements Affecting Development of Native American Ministries
3322. Confession to Native Americans
3323. Healing Relationships with Indigenous Persons
3324. Native American Representation in The United Methodist Church
3325. Native American Ministries Sunday
3326. Native American Young Adults in Mission
Culture and Tradition:
3327. Respecting the Native American Legacy and Tradition
3328. Native American History and Contemporary Culture as Related to Effective Church Participation
3329. Native American Religious Freedom Act
3330. Concerning Demeaning Names to Native Americans
3331. Regarding Native American Culture and Traditions as Sacred
3332. The Protection of Native American Sacred Sites
3333. Native American Tribal Sovereignty
3334. Return to the Earth
3335. Treaty Obligations with Native Americans


3336. Increased Support for Programs Impacting

Native American Higher Education

Health Care:
3337. Health Care for Native Americans
3338. Pastoral Care and the AIDS Epidemic in Native American Communities

Organ and Tissue Donation

3351. Organ and Tissue Donation


3361. World's Population and the Church's Response


3371. A Charter for Racial Justice Policies in an Interdependent Global Community
3372. Act of Repentance for Racism
3373. Affirmative Action
3374. Annual Conference Responsibility to Eradicate Racism
3375. Affirmation of the Commission on Religion and Race
3376. Affirmation of the Joint Task Force on Racism
3377. Membership in Clubs or Organizations that Practice Exclusivity
3378. Racial Profiling in the USA
3379. White Privilege in the United States

Rural Issues

3391. Call to the Churches for Renewal of Rural Ministries
3392. Rural Communities in Crisis
3393. Support and Protection of Rural People
3394. Support for All Who Minister in Rural Settings
3395. Affirmation of Rural Chaplains
3396. Ministries of Rural Chaplains
3397. Accessible and Affordable Leadership Training

Urban Issues

3411. Holy Boldness: Pathways to Transformation 2009--2012
3412. Special Emphasis for Ministries Within Major Urban Centers


3421. Grieving and Repenting from Acts of Hate and Violence
3422. Resisting Hate, Fear, and Scapegoating; and
Transforming the Context of Hate in the United States
3423. Violence Against Women and Children
3424. Violent Video Game
3425. Prohibition of Bullying
3426. Gun Violence


3441. Affirmation for the Women's Division
3442. Celebration of Full Clergy Rights for Women
3443. Every Barrier Down: Toward Full Embrace of All Women
in Church and Society. . . .
3444. Eradication of Sexism in the Church
3445. The Status of Women

Young People

3461. Local Church Support for Young People

¶ 163

The Social Principle
The Resolutions


4001. Appalachia: A Call to Action


4011. Guidelines for Initiating or Joining an Economic Boycott


4021. Tobacco Marketing by Altria/Philip Morris and RJR Nabisco
4022. United Methodist Church Use of Fair Trade Coffee and Other Fair Trade Products.


4031. The Methodist Global Education Fund for Leadership Development
4032. In Support of Hispanic/Latino Undocumented Students
4033. The Black College Fund


4041. Gambling

Global Economic Justice

4051. The United Methodist Church, Justice, and World Hunger
4052. Economic Justice for a New Millennium
4053. Global Debt Crisis: A Call for Jubilee
4054. Pathways to Economic Justice
4055. Bread for the World Covenant Church
4056. Greed
4057. Protecting Health Care, Labor, and Environment in Trade Negotiations
4058. Privatization
4059. Global Economy and the Environment
4060. Global Living Wage


4071. Investment Ethics
4072. Divestment and Sudan

Native Americans

4081. Economic Development for Native American People


4091. Principles of Welfare Reform
4092. Statement of Concern on Poverty
4093. Society of St. Andrew

Stewardship Issues in the Church

4101. Living Wage Model
4102. Provide Financial Incentives for Clergy in Churches with Small Membership
4103. Stewardship Education for Small Membership Churches. .

United States Economic Issues

4111. Enabling Financial Support for Domestic Programs
4112. Establish Annual Conference State Taxation Task Force
4113. Guidelines for Social Security Reform in the United States
4114. Support of Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)
4115. Negative Implications of US Deficit Spending

Workers Rights

4131. Concern for Workers Task Force
4132. Environmental Health and Safety in Workplace and Community
4133. Rights of African American Farmers
4134. Rights of Farm Workers in the US
4135. Rights of Workers
4136. Smithfield Foods, Inc. and Union Organizing

¶ 164

The Social Principle
The Resolutions

Basic Freedoms

5001. Taking Liberties: On the Stifling of Dissent

Church and State

5011. Church Is a Weapon-Free Zone
5012. Church-Government Relations
5013. Separation of Church and State
5014. On Humility, Politics, and Christian Unity
5015. Guidelines for "Charitable Choice" Programs

Criminal Justice

5031. Equal Justice
5032. Grand Jury Abuse
5033. Juvenile Delinquency and Prevention
5034. Mission Plan for Restorative Justice Ministries
5035. In Opposition to Capital Punishment
5036. Seek Moratorium on Capital Punishment
5037. Texas Death Penalty
5038. Opposition to USA PATRIOT ACT to Violate Human Rights


5051. Public Education and the Church
5052. Evolution and Intelligent Design

Military Service

5061. Prayer and Support for Members of the Armed Forces and Veterans
5062. Military Service Regardless of Sexual Orientation
5063. Military Conscription, Training, and Service

Political Responsibility

5071. Campaign Finance Reform in the United States
5072. Encouragement to Vote in Elections

United States Legislative Issues

5081. Call for Comprehensive Immigration Reform
5082. Establish US Department of Peace. .
5083. Right to Privacy.
5084. Support Legislation Prohibiting Malicious Harassments. .
5085. The US Campaign for a Tax Fund
5086. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Regulation of Tobacco
5087. US Federal Single-Payer Health Insurance Program
5088. Voting Representation for People in the District of Columbia
5089. Puerto Rican Political Prisoners
5090. Justice for Cuban Prisoners
5091. Filipino Veterans Equity Act of 2007

¶ 165

The Social Principle
The Resolutions


6001. Africa University

Global Mission and Ministry

6011. Global Ministries and Mission Society
6012. Celebrating Diversity Within the Global Methodist Family

Justice and Law

6021. Church Supports Global Efforts to End Slavery
6022. Compensation for Comfort Women
6023. Abolition of Sex Trafficking
6024. Global Racism and Xenophobia: Impact on Women, Children, and Youth
6025. Globalization and Its Impact on Human Dignity and Human Rights
6026. International Day of Prayer
6027. United Methodists Sharing the Vulnerability in the Process of Alteration
6028. Global Migration and the Quest for Justice
6029. End Exploitation by United Nations Personnel
6030. Responsible Travel
6031. Holy Land Tours

National Power and Responsibility

6041. US Training on Global Human Rights
6042. Oppose Food and Medicine Blockades or Embargoes
6043. Guidelines for the Imposition of Sanctions
6044. Understanding Globality in the United Methodist Tradition

6045. United States-China Political Relations

6046. Ending the Colonial Status of Puerto Rico
6047. Political Status of Puerto Rico
6048. Opposition to US Policy in Vieques
6049. Haitian Asylum Seekers

Pacific Islands:
6050. Atomic Testing on the Marshall Islands-A Legacy
Western Hemisphere:
6051. United States Role in Colombia
6052. United States-Mexico Border

Nations and Cultures

6061. Our Muslim Neighbors

6062. Africa Reconstruction and Development
6063. Democratic Republic of Congo-A New Beginning
6064. Liberia
6065. Sudan: A Call to Compassion and Caring

6066. Taiwan Security, Stability, and Self-determination.
6067. Support of Taiwan
6068. Restore Freedom and Independence/Autonomy
to the Land and People of Tibet

6069. End the US Embargo of Cuba
6070. Call for Free Speech in Cuba
6071. Violence Against Children in Latin America and the Caribbean
6072. Latin America and the Caribbean

Middle East:
6073. Opposition to Israeli Settlements in Palestinian Land
6074. United Nations Resolutions on the Israel-Palestine Conflict.
6075. Saying No to Violence in Middle East Conflict

Pacific Islands:
6076. East Timor: Action Still Needed
6077. Support for Covenant of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
6078. Philippines
6079. Statement Against Extrajudicial Killings in the Philippines
6080. West Papua


6091. A Call for Peacemaking
6092. Justice, Peace, and the Integrity of Creation
6093. Peace with Justice Sunday and Special Offering
6094. The United Methodist Church and Peace
6095. "Just 1 Day" Ministry of Peace
6096. Political and Social Unrest
6097. Young People's Statement on War and Peace
6098. In Defense of International Law and Cooperation: Cornerstone of Multilateralism
6099. In Support of the United Nations
6100. Korea-Peace, Justice, and Reunification
6101. Prayer for Military Personnel and Peace in Iraq

War and the Military

6111. War and Peace With Iran, North Korea, and the World
6112. Support and Services for US Military and Rebuilding Iraq
6113. Okinawa-Removal or Reduction of US Military Bases
6114. Reduction of US Military Personnel in Okinawa .
6115. Rape in Times of Conflict and War
6116. Nuclear-Free Pacific
6117. Saying No to Nuclear Deterrence
6118. Plan to Eliminate Terrorism
6119. The Abolition of Torture
6120. Opposition to Torture
6121. Rejection of Unilateral First-Strike Actions and Strategies.
6122. Prohibition of Arms Sales to Foreign Countries for Purposes of War
6123. Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide, and War Crimes
6124. Support for the Landmine Treaty
6125. Ban Cluster Bombs


Mission and Ministry:
8001. Commitment in Mission and Ministry
8002. A Commitment to Unity in Mission and Ministry

Request for Study:
8003. Ethics of Embryonic Stem Cell Research
8004. Replace "In Defense of Creation" with New Document and Study Guide. . .
8005. United Methodist Men Study Committee

United Methodist Guidelines:
8006. Biblical Language
8007. Use of the Name: The United Methodist Church in Periodicals and Advertisements
8008. Meeting Times
8009. Church Participation by a Registered Child Sex Offender
8010. Guidelines: The UMC and the Charismatic Movement
8011. Proper Use of Information Communication Technologies
8012. Inclusiveness in All Dimensions of the Church

Worship and Liturgy:
8013. By Water and the Spirit: A United Methodist

Understanding of Baptism
8014. This Holy Mystery
8015. Adoption of Services for Ordering of Ministry