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* Continue Membership in the World Council of Churches (deleted or expired 2012)

Whereas, the Constitution of The United Methodist Church states that the dividedness in the church of Jesus Christ "is a hindrance to its mission in the world" and has committed us to ecumenical involvement; and,

Whereas, The United Methodist Church and its predecessor churches were founding members of the World Council of Churches (WCC); and,

Whereas, United Methodist delegates in leadership positions among the over 330 member churches continue to make significant contributions to this world wide body, and the General Conference and the Council of Bishops have continued to offer strong commitment for the WCC; and,

Whereas, we rejoice in the continuing leadership of Kathryn Bannister (Kansas West Annual Conference) as a president of the WCC; and,

Whereas, the United Methodist delegates from each of the jurisdictions and central conferences have offered distinguished leadership in the WCC, and successive General Conferences have supported the continuing membership in the WCC since its founding in 1948;

Therefore, be it resolved, that the 2004 General Conference of The United Methodist Church reaffirm its membership in and support of the World Council of Churches, in accordance with the 2004 Book of Discipline (¶ 2404.3).

ADOPTED 2004 (#3154, 2008 Book of Resolutions)
Resolution #92, 2004 Book of Resolutions
Resolution #82, 2000 Book of Resolutions

See Social Principles, ¶ 162.