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Methodist deaconess Kathryn Maurer is seen in a 1935 photograph. Courtesy of California State Library.

Kathryn Maurer: Methodist Angel Welcomed Immigrants

Meet a deaconess whose kindness and dedication to those seeking a new life made headlines in her day. View

People line up for lunch at Santa Anita Park in April 1942. The park, a converted racetrack, was the United States’ largest assembly center for Japanese Americans on their way to internment camps. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons/National Archives and Records Administration

Amid hysteria, a call for hospitality

Bishop Roy Sano personally attests to the costs of fear. He was among the U.S. citizens the U.S. government interned during World War II. Read More

The Rev. Heather Heinzman Lear, director of evangelism ministries at United Methodist Discipleship Ministries, welcomes some 50 scholars and pastors to the first North American ecumenical evangelism conference. Photo© by Tom Gillem

How to reclaim ethical evangelism

United Methodists joined with other Christians in North America’s first ecumenical evangelism conference. Here's what they discussed. Read More

File photo by Kathy L. Gilbert, UMNS

5 ways to reclaim Wesleyan evangelism

Expert says truly sharing and living out the good news means developing relationships. “Are we friendly, or are we in the practice of making friends?” Read More

Somebody has been sitting in my pew!

Accidentally invading someone's "family pew" can be a disaster or an opportunity to start a conversation and make a new friend. Read More

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