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Students in ESL class make Mother's Day cards, snapping a photo with a cell phone. Photo courtesy of blogger, ConnieinChina.

Recognizing mothers in America and China

“My teacher asked me to make a card for a mother. I chose you.” English instructor finds beautiful way to honor moms borrowing traditions from two cultures. Read More

Darian Duckworth

The gospel according to “Downton Abbey”

This Easter season, pastor Darian Duckworth examines the difference in being led by tradition and being led by the God who works through tradition. Read More

Chuck Knows Church: Foot Washing

Chuck Knows Church: Foot Washing

Some United Methodist churches hold foot washing services during Holy Week on Maundy Thursday. Chuck Knows Church explores the Gospel story behind the tradition. View

Theological Guidelines: Tradition

The theological task does not start anew in each age or each person. Christianity does not leap from New Testament times to the present as though nothing were to be learned from that great cloud of witnesses in between. For centuries Christians have sought to interpret the truth of the... Read More

Image shows hands folded on pages of a Bible. Creative Commons, courtesy of Unsplash.

Theological Guidelines

Theology is thinking together about our faith and discipleship. It’s reflecting with others in the Christian community about the good news of God’s love in Christ. Read More

Symbols of past and future in Liberia church

Congregation of Miller McAllister church in Ganta Mission wrestles with changes to exterior of building that is a piece of history. Read More

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