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What is the United Methodist view on suicide?

Learn more about the United Methodist stance on suicide. Read More

What is the United Methodist stance on assisted suicide?

What do church teachings tell us about this social issue? Read More

Church leaders say by getting online credentials to officiate at a same-sex wedding, a candidate for ordination forfeited her United Methodist status. Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS

Agency wants leeway to fight gay teen suicide

Discipleship Ministries is proposing legislation to lift restrictions on church funding with the goal of better helping the church prevent teen suicide. Read More

Ann Brownell tends to daughter Amanda, today living as a paraplegic in a San Jose, Calif., nursing home. Photos by Reed Galin.

Bullied teen barely survives suicide attempt

Now 18, Amanda Brownell is unable to communicate. But her mom speaks for her — so other mothers won’t know the nightmare of “bullycide.” Read More

No bullying zone sign in school hallway. Photo by iStockphoto/Patrick Herrera.

Churches should speak up about bullying

Social media and texting leave children no sanctuary from bullies. But churches can be that sanctuary. Read More reports that every school day, 160,000 American children stay home to avoid being bullied. And every year, more than 19,000 children attempt bullying-related suicide. Photo illustration courtesy of iStockphoto/Mikael Dankier.

Child ends life because of bullying

When Jon Carmichael hanged himself at age 13, his mother turned to a pastor and asked if her child was with God. Read More

Commentary: Robin Williams’ death once could have been mine

The constant threat of depression haunts my days, writes Cynthia Astle. She shares how the church has helped her. Read More

Flowers bloom near a brick wall. Photo by Kathryn Price.

What does the church say about suicide?

As the world community discusses the devastating effects of depression, the Christian faith reminds us that nothing can separate us from God’s love. More

Robin Williams: After the laughter, the waves of dread

Eric Folkerth says comedians are like Biblical prophets because it is their own pain that gives them such a keen compassion. Read More

The Rev. Charles Moore. Photo courtesy of the Moore family

Retired pastor saw ‘destiny’ in self-immolation

“I know that some will judge me insane,” said the Rev. Charles R. Moore, who set himself on fire in his Texas hometown. Read More

Social Principles: The Nurturing Community

We believe we have a responsibility to innovate, sponsor, and evaluate new forms of community that will encourage development of the fullest potential in individuals. Read More

Mental health: Activity benefits aging

"As a church," says successful-aging leader Barbara Bruce, "we must not let our older members languish and become stagnant." Read More

Mental Health: Church needed on or off campus

Students facing mental health crises fastest-growing group on college campuses as they struggle to cope and look for help. Read More

Mental health care: Training equips churches

Two-day event in Northern Illinois Annual (regional) Conference draws clergy, laity starting initiatives to address mental illness. Read More

Mental health care: Education is key

After her son's tragic death, the Rev. Cheryl Magrini made it her mission to fight the stigma and raise awareness of mental illness. Read More

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