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Why Do the Innocent Suffer?

In this excerpt from his book, Why? Making Sense of God's Will, Adam Hamilton addresses the question of why God allows suffering. Read More

Spiritual Gifts: Healing

The gift of healing is not about transferring spiritual power to eliminate suffering and disease, but the ability to channel God’s grace and healing love to those who suffer physical, emotional, or spiritual pain. Read More

Mental Health: Church needed on or off campus

Students facing mental health crises fastest-growing group on college campuses as they struggle to cope and look for help. Read More

Mental health care: Training equips churches

Two-day event in Northern Illinois Annual (regional) Conference draws clergy, laity starting initiatives to address mental illness. Read More

Mental health care: Education is key

After her son's tragic death, the Rev. Cheryl Magrini made it her mission to fight the stigma and raise awareness of mental illness. Read More

Caregivers need care after traumatic events

Clergy who volunteer as crisis care responders often find themselves needing a shoulder to lean on. Read More

Listening for the melody of God

The Rev. Connie Shelton speaks on living a fuller Christian life through authenticity, song. Read More

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