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Tips for using social media for spiritual growth

In this podcast episode, the Rev. R. Scott Miller shares how we can use social media to grow spiritually and share our faith journeys. Listen

Words are listed as part of the photo challenge to ask how you perceive Lent. Image courtesy of Rethink Church, United Methodist Communications.

Rethink Church: Lenten Photo A Day Project

How do you see the word mighty or heal? Join the Rethink Church photo challenge and share with the online community how you perceive Lent. More

Beyond Bethlehem: Hope for Refugees this Christmas

Celebrate Jesus’ birthday in a way that truly honors him by focusing on the urgent, global refugee crisis. Use these resources for your congregation to urge them to give half the money they would spend to help refugees. More

2015 Advent Photo A Day

Are you a visual psalmist? Do you pray with your camera in your hand? Join Alive Now for this daily spiritual practice. Read More

Social media opening new doors to communication

You may not think of Facebook and Twitter as theological tools, but social media is another way to invite people “to the table.” Find communications ideas and how-to resources. Read More


The pastor of the largest UM church in Missouri wants you to keep your phone on and out during services to say what's on your mind. View

Screen grab from Imagine No Malaria video, thirty-second spot for 2014. Courtesy of Imagine No Malaria.

Imagine No Malaria video for social sharing

Thirty-second 'shareable' video lets you show others why you support the church’s efforts against this deadly disease, and how they can help. More

Côte d’Ivoire United Methodist Women bow their heads in prayer at a service celebration the women’s partnership with the social media network Pubcell CI. Photo by Isaac Broune, UMNS

African women earn money via cellphone subscription

Profits from cellphone advertising on a social media network are providing money for United Methodist women in Côte d’Ivoire to start businesses. Read More

The real problem with our kids and social media

Jeremy Steele says children from the ages of 10-18 are developing skills that help them understand and relate with their world. Text messages and Facebook posts don’t allow for that learning. Read More

United Methodist Communications Offers New Online Courses

United Methodist Communications is offering two new online training courses beginning Sept. 18, specifically designed to meet the growing demand for training in social media and new technologies, as well as tools to aid in church vitality. Read More

Communications key to future, Africans told

Africa University vice chancellor encourages United Methodist communicators to use all available channels to reach communities. Read More

Young adults + social media = future UMC

More than 150 participate in May 14 tweetup to chat about GC2012 and where the church goes from here. Read More

Pastor mixes faith, life in online ministry

After a medical scare, Scott Carnes learned the digital divide is not as wide among older and younger church members as often is presumed. Read More

Agency QA: Communications

Series on church agencies: "United Methodist Communications facilitates the church's participation in conversations around issues of the day." Read More

United Methodist Emerging Technology Survey

While most younger people in the church are immersed in new technology, many older members are also jumping on the bandwagon. Read More

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