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An image of the Wesleys'

Why the Wesleys, and others, came to be called Methodists

Early members of the movement had nicknames like Holy Club, Bible Moths, Sacramentarians, and Enthusiasts. Learn why one name stuck. More

Everyday Disciples with Discipleship Ministry leaders

Becoming a Christian is the beginning of a lifelong process of following Jesus. Covenant Discipleship Groups help provide companions for the journey. Listen

Hammerfest, Norway, is home to the world’s northernmost United Methodist ministry. Photo by Karl Anders Ellingsen

Northernmost United Methodist congregation thrives

North of the Arctic Circle, this church in Hammerfest, Norway gives young people a warm reception. Read More

Overcoming borders and barriers

In the final story of the series, discover how Wesley's Class Meeting is bringing people together despite cultural and other differences. Read More

Growing spiritually through Class Meetings

Members of John Wesley’s groups coached one another toward holiness of heart and life. This series explores how we benefit by participating today. Read More

Covenant Discipleship encourages participants to be active in four areas of means of grace: worship, devotion, compassion, and justice. Image courtesy of Discipleship Ministries of The United Methodist Church.

Covenant Discipleship

In the third of a series, discover how Covenant Discipleship forms followers of Jesus who transform their church, community, and world. Read More

John Wesley's signet shares the tenets of the Class Meeting - believe, love, obey. Image designed and refined by Richard Heitzenrater.

The Class Meeting

In the second of a series, learn how John Wesley's model for small groups was 'central to what it meant to be a Methodist' and remains so. Read More

Wesleyan small groups are still effective today. Illustration by Cindy Caldwell, United Methodist Communications.

Growing spiritually through Class Meetings

Members of John Wesley’s groups coached one another toward holiness of heart and life. This series explores how we benefit by participating today. Read More

Stylized small group around table. Illustration by Cindy Caldwell.

Overview of Wesleyan Small Groups

Knowing our faith and living it are two separate disciplines. In the first of a series of articles, learn why being part of a Wesleyan small group aids spiritual growth. Read More

Some 9,000 United Methodists marched together in Quezon City, Philippines, March 21 to pray and demonstrate family unity, solidarity and Christian discipleship. Photo by Mark Jabin A. Salvador

Filipino United Methodists rally for unity, discipleship

Some 9,000 church members joined a march in Quezon City to promote small groups and family devotion to faith. Read More

The Rev. Stephen Handy prays with the staff of the YouthWorks mission camp at  McKendree United Methodist Church in Nashville, Tenn.  Photo courtesy of McKendree United Methodist Church.

United Methodist church vitality increases in U.S.

Between 2010 and 2012, the denomination more than doubled its percentage of ‘highly vital’ congregations in the U.S. Here’s what makes churches vibrant. Read More

Small-group resource. Courtesy of United Methodist Publishing House.

A gift from Korean American United Methodists

Korean-American United Methodists are sharing their Wesleyan-based small-group ministry training guide. Read More

Jennifer Dobbs and Matthew Oates share a moment after she said, “Yes” to his proposal of marriage in July 2008.  Photo by Marsha Esau.

Cupid in The United Methodist Church

Couples share how United Methodist ministries brought them together and the difference the church has made in their marriage. Read More

Church vitality: How do you define it?

Leaders across the denomination ponder that question even as they try to increase the number of highly vital churches. Read More

A military couple hold hands during a From Warrior to Soul Mate retreat. Photo by William Buchanan.

Veterans learn skills to strengthen marriage

One military chaplain cares for the nation's wounded by helping them repair crumbling intimate relationships. Read More

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