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Science vs. religion is not an ‘either/or’ issue

The evolution conflict rages in a dozen states, dividing school boards, teachers and believers over whether the biblical story of creation in Genesis should have scientific status. Read More

The faith-science collision on campus

As classes begin on campus, two important dimensions of Susan's life — faith and science — come into conflict. Read More

From Adam or apes? Intelligent design presents new theory

According to the Rev. Adam Hamilton, it is possible to believe in God and evolution. Read More

Scopes Monkey Trial tested, strengthened woman’s faith

Reed is among the last living witnesses to the 1925 “Scopes Monkey Trial,” in which schoolteacher John Scopes was convicted of breaking state law by teaching evolution. Read More

What is The United Methodist Church’s position on evolution?

Learn more about The United Methodist Church's position on evolution. Read More

Science and theology are not in conflict according to the Book of Discipline.

Science and faith: 9th Evolution Weekend ahead

The Rev. Paul Kottke has preached it before and he’ll preach it again — Christian faith and science, including Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, are not incompatible. Read More

Can Christians embrace faith and science?

As many states consider preventing the teaching of evolution, United Methodists ask why science and the church can't coexist. Read More

It’s time for people of faith to accept evolution

The author of The United Methodist Church's petitions on science and faith says science can enhance, not destroy, one's faith. Read More

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