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A stained-glass window showing St. Francis is featured at Saint Francis United Methodist Church in Charlotte, N.C. Photo courtesy of Saint Francis United Methodist Church.

What St. Francis can teach United Methodists

How much do you know about the reformer who influenced Christian ministry with the poor, preaching peace and, of course, pets? Read More

A stained glass window of John Wesley. Photo by Ronny Perry.

Will a Wesley win Lent Madness?

"We put 32 saints in a basketball-type bracket and they go at it." Priest plays off March Madness, to teach lesson that we all have flaws. Read More

An angel in the Recoleta Cemetery (Spanish: Cementerio de la Recoleta) located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The cemetery is located at the church of Our Lady of Pilar (Nuestra Señora del Pilar Basilica) which was built in 1732. Photo by Godot13, courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Do United Methodists believe in saints?

What does the church say about saints? How do United Methodists honor the faithful who have died? Read More

Haunted? Even Wesleys heard ‘bumps in the night’

It's that time of year. Read ghost stories from churches, cemeteries and the home of one famous Methodist. Read More

A stained-glass window in the United States depicts St. Patrick with his staff and holding a church. Wikipedia Creative Commons.

What St. Patrick can teach United Methodists

The patron saint of Ireland left a legacy of evangelism that Christians today can emulate. He also knew something about piracy. Read More

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