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Chuck Knows Church talks about the symbolism and history behind the funeral pall.

Chuck Knows Church: Funeral Pall

A pall is more than a cloth used to drape a casket during a funeral. Chuck tells us more about this important symbol of baptism and resurrection. View

What happens to the body after death?

The death and resurrection of Jesus laid the groundwork for Christian beliefs about what happens after we die, say United Methodist scholars and theologians. Read More

Rays of sunlight are filtered through tree branches creating sunbeams. A UMCom photo by Ronny Perry.

Reveling in the Resurrection

Stations of the Resurrection art and devotions commemorate the appearances and Ascension into Heaven of Christ in the weeks following Easter Sunday. Read More

Why did Jesus have to die?

As every Christian knows, Jesus freely died for our sins. But was there a less brutal way for God and humanity to be reconciled? Read More

Scene from short film by Chuck Knows Church on death and resurrection

A short film about death and resurrection

In this feature, Chuck Knows Church calls all "Easter people" to think about death and the celebration we can look forward to through the Resurrection. View

Tornado Losses, Lessons:  Rev. Kelly Clem

The Rev. Kelly Clem lost her child and her church in a 1994 tornado. Now she is comforting others recovering from storms. View

A fresco painting from the late Middle Age by Giotto di Bondone depicts the Crucifixion. On Good Friday, Christians around the world reflect on the meaning of Jesus' suffering and death. A web-only public domain image.

Did Jesus descend into hell or to the dead?

The phrase in the Apostles' Creed offers one answer to what Jesus did between Good Friday and Easter. Read More

Two boys enjoy an Easter egg hunt at Calvary United Methodist Church, Holly, Mich. Photo courtesy Calvary United Methodist Church.

Which came first: Easter or the eggs?

Ever wonder about the origin of popular symbols of Easter? Here's a guide to traditions such as decorated eggs, lilies and Peter Cottontail. Read More