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Maidstone Mulenga poses with his wife Charity and  daughters Lukonde and Mukuka. Photo courtesy of Maidstone Mulenga.

Picturing a Perfect Father’s Day

United Methodist dads talk about times they treasure with their children and what matters most to them. View

Bo and Mary Wilson hold Alli, a foster child they hope to adopt. Photo courtesy of Bo Wilson.

What dads really want for Father’s Day

We asked dads across the world what they really want for their special day. Guess what? It’s not a new tie! Read More

What is the appropriate age for baptism?

Our teaching on baptism is found in By Water and the Spirit. Learn more here. Read More

Life will go on for college parents

Just like their children, some parents handle the 'letting go' of college better than others. Read More

Malaria fighter faces his son’s battle

Phileas Jusu's job is to help prevent the spread of malaria, which hit home recently when his own son was stricken with the disease. Read More

‘Grandfamilies’ provide love, sanctuary

Grandparents thrown back in the parenting game face many challenges. United Methodist grandparents Mollie and John Moore share their story. Read More

What I like about Father’s Day

The Rev. D.J. Rosario reflects on the ways celebrating fatherhood can be a good exercise for people of all types. Read More

Celebrating my father, exorcising a demon

We need to examine our fathers to understand the challenges of their lives, says retired pastor, now a father and grandfather. Read More

UMTV: Church Fosters Adoption

More foster children are finding "forever homes" thanks to a congregation in Ohio. In 2011, 46 were adopted. "That's a God thing right there." View

Confessions of a ‘green mommy’

Environmental advocate shares the importance of passing her values on to her son. Read More