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Donna Miller of Historic St. George's United Methodist Church in Philadelphia points out images of Ann and Anna Jarvis at the church. Video image by United Methodist Communications.

Methodist History: The Founding Mothers of Mother’s Day

Two women created the holiday that falls on the second Sunday in May in the U.S. but do you know how, and why, they did it? View

Students in ESL class make Mother's Day cards, snapping a photo with a cell phone. Photo courtesy of blogger, ConnieinChina.

Recognizing mothers in America and China

“My teacher asked me to make a card for a mother. I chose you.” English instructor finds beautiful way to honor moms borrowing traditions from two cultures. Read More

A greeting card acknowledges Mother's Day and Father's Day in a modern world. Photo illustration by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Church.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day: It’s complicated

With single parents, adoptive parents, and grieving parents, speaking to today’s congregations requires sensitivity. Interpreter Magazine has tips for celebrating care-fully. Read More

Young girls received wonderful advice from wise women. Collage by United Methodist Communications. Photos courtesy of Morgan Stafford, Vera Moore, Dee Dee Cobb Photography, The Rev. Marietjie Odendaal, and United Methodist Elder Care of Rhode Island.

‘Is God mad at me?’: Motherly advice for tough questions

Older people of faith reply to queries of the young with insights that offer lessons for all ages. Read More

Image of Ann and Anna Jarvis. Courtesy: Historic St. George's UMC.

Mother of U.S. Mother’s Day was West Virginia Methodist Ann Jarvis

United Methodist Anna Jarvis led a successful campaign in the early 1900s to have Mother's Day recognized as a national holiday. Read More

Transcript: The Founding Mothers of Mother’s Day

Back to Video In the late 1860s, before there was an official Mother’s Day holiday in the U.S., a Methodist mom organized “Mothers’ Friendship Day,” at which mothers gathered with former Union and Confederate soldiers to promote reconciliation.... More

LynnMarie Rink and her son James in family photo as seen in

A Mother’s Blessing: A Photo Reflection

"I am who I am because of my mom." Real people talk about how their mothers modeled Christ just by being themselves. Grab a tissue. View

A Tribute to Mothers from Sierra Leone

Get a glimpse into the lives of mothers and their children – and how a United Methodist hospital cares for them – in these images from Bo. View

My Mother’s Eyes

Bishop Peggy A. Johnson remembers beloved role model. "Mom saw God in the beauty of nature ... and the dawn of a new day." Read More

Imagine No Malaria launches Mother’s Day campaign

Eighty-five to 90 percent of deaths from malaria are women and children under five. Imagine No Malaria, a ministry of The United Methodist Church, is launching a Mother's Day campaign so that mothers in Africa will be able to fight malaria and nurture their children into thriving adults. Read More

Biblical figures Ruth and mother-in-law Naomi are depicted as strong, caring women by painter Sandy Freckleton Gagon.

Biblical mothers: not a job for the faint of heart

As the U.S. celebrates Mother's Day this weekend, we look at some of the strong role models from Scripture. Read More

Remember maternal health on Mother’s Day

Mothers are vital to families and communities, but many women struggle to have healthy pregnancies and births. Read More

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