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McMinnville Cooperative Ministries invited church members and supporters to camp out in a

Church, city standoff ends over homeless encampment

McMinnville Cooperative Ministries complies 'as little as possible’ to avoid court action. Read More

McMinnville Cooperative Ministries, a joint United Methodist-Lutheran church in McMinnville, Oregon, held a candlelight prayer vigil on Dec. 22, after learning the city was seeking to close the homeless encampment at the church. Photo courtesy McMinnville Cooperative Ministries

Church threatened with fines for taking in homeless

McMinnville Cooperative Ministries, a United Methodist-Lutheran Church, says it is meeting a big need. Read More

A nurse cares for a child at Mary Johnston Hospital in Manila.

Methodist History: Manila Hospital Serves Poor

For more than 100 years, this United Methodist hospital has been committed to providing free care to the poor. View

Dakarayi Chabaya, student at Central Methodist University carries a log during one of his mission trips. Photo courtesy of Dakarayi Chabaya.

Family mission trips: Vacations with more meaning

Church participants say leaving the beach to serve people in need is more rewarding and refreshing than expected. Read More

Photo illustration of former prisoner. Courtesy of RETHINK CHURCH.

Resources on Restorative Justice

United Methodists are called to be peacemakers and healers. RETHINK CHURCH shares information on how to be in relationship with prisoners and returned citizens. More

Circles of Protection

The mission of Circles is to inspire and equip families and communities to thrive by creating circles of people and organizations in the community to end poverty. Visit Site

Society of St. Andrew

The Society of St. Andrew salvages fresh, nutritious produce from American farms — produce that otherwise would be left to rot — and delivers it to agencies across the nation that serve the poor. Visit Site

Spent: A Poverty Simulation Game

PlaySpent walks you through the tough choices that employed people who live at the poverty line have to make. Visit Site

The Rev. Lorenza Andrade Smith (left) visits with Lester, a homeless man who is taking shelter inside a box culvert beneath a busy street in El Paso, Texas. A UMNS photo by Mike DuBose.

Four Areas of Focus: Ministering With the Poor

United Methodists seek to alleviate conditions that undermine quality of life and limit the opportunity to flourish. More

The Rev. Gregory Gross. Photo by Paul Jeffrey, UMNS

Affordable Care Act’s impact on the uninsured

A United Methodist deacon has signed up hundreds for insurance. He sees where the law helps and where it needs improvement. Read More

Jesus and the poor: A Lenten reflection

Rose Farhat says the way Jesus treated those in poverty verified God's love beyond physical appearance. “Christ looks at the heart of a person.” Read More

What St. Francis can teach United Methodists

The reformer influenced Christian ministry with the poor, preaching peace and, of course, pets. Read More

Image of Methodist Bishop Gilbert Haven. Courtesy: Archives and History.

Methodist History: Bishop Fought Slavery

Gilbert Haven lived in the 19th-century but was progressive in his stances to end slavery, allow interracial marriage, and grant ordination of women. View

UMTV: Africa’s Miracle Tree

What plant can lower cholesterol, purify the liver, and prevent blindness? Learn how UMCOR helps farmers grow a nutritional powerhouse. View

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