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The Rev. Jennifer Long poses with her 9-year-old son, Jacob. Both battled malaria together in 2005 when Jennifer was pregnant.

'Pregnant with malaria': Mother experiences need for Imagine No Malaria

Jennifer Long couldn't quit thinking about the thousands of mothers whose babies were dying of malaria "simply because they lived on the other side of the ocean.” Read More

Poverty: The common vector

Rev. Larry Hollon says as TV coverage of the Ebola crisis wanes, we must continue 'telling the story' of the people who are suffering. Read More

The Iowa Annual Conference celebrates surpassing the $2 million mark in its Imagine No Malaria campaign. Photo by Arthur McClanahan, Iowa Conference.

United Methodists celebrate Imagine No Malaria milestones

Exceeding ambitious fundraising goals became a recurring theme at regional gatherings this summer. Read More

Women  in the streets celebrate the delivery of 350 thousand mosquito nets tin Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone Video Diary: Celebration Thursday

The people of Sierra Leone join a net distribution parade and dance in the streets to celebrate the life-saving successes of the Imagine No Malaria program. View

Health workers in Bo District, Sierra Leone see many cases of malaria.

Sierra Leone Video Diary: Grateful Tuesday

Health workers in Sierra Leone talk about the impact that thousands of mosquito nets will have on public health. View

Matilda Ndanema displays the insecticide-treated mosquito net she received from the United Methodist Church's Imagine No Malaria campaign at her home in Bumpe, Sierra Leone. Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS.

People in pews and big donors net millions to fight malaria

“I’ve never seen people have so much fun raising money and saving lives!” United Methodists' giving speeds campaign toward $75 million goal. Read More

A children's choir welcomes visitors to Fulawahun village near Bo, Sierra Leone. Several villages in the Bo district will receive new, insecticide-treated mosquito nets from the United Methodist Church's Imagine No Malaria campaign in the first planned redistribution to replace nets given in 2010. Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS

Thanks to you, we can Imagine No Malaria

United Methodists and communities in Africa say "thanks" to all who joined the fight against this deadly disease. View

Georgina Maria Domingos cares for her daughter Maria Costa at their home in the Cacilhas village near Huambo, Angola. Photo by Mike DuBose, United Methodist News Service.

Beating malaria, one household at a time

Imagine No Malaria and UMCOR have distributed 1.2 million nets and trained 11,600 people to “reach and teach neighbors” about fatal but preventable disease. Read More

Children in the Montgomery-Prattville District held an impromptu lemonade stand, advertised by their mothers on Instagram, to raise money for Imagine No Malaria. Photo courtesy Alabama-West Florida Conference.

Small disciples raise money for Imagine No Malaria

Children in the Alabama-West Florida Conference held an impromptu lemonade stand and raised $61. Learn ways your church can support INM. Read More

How is The United Methodist Church working to eradicate diseases like malaria?

In 2008, Global Health was affirmed as one of the four focus areas of The United Methodist Church. Read More

Jomacio Cassava plays with the package for a long lasting insecticide-treated mosquito net provided by the MENTOR Initiative at his home in the Cacilhas village near Huambo, Angola.

$1.1 million donation toward war on malaria

Barbara Ferguson’s gift to Imagine No Malaria — the largest ever given from an individual donor — will help save lives. Read More

2013: A year of United Methodist milestones

In 2013, The United Methodist Church experienced important transitions in its leadership as well as widely recognized milestones in the life of the denomination and individual United Methodists. Read More

Our Work

The people of The United Methodist Church are called to offer hope to those dealing with the diseases of poverty. Read More


Learn about the vital global health partnerships that enable us to help more children and save more lives. Read More

United Methodists ahead of malaria goal

Fundraising for Imagine No Malaria reaches June goal of $40 million early, more than halfway to final goal of $75 million by 2015. Read More

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