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How are vacancies filled that occur in committees?

Church Council: If a committee member resigns, how is the vacant position filled? Read More

What is the process for changing the name of an existing local church?

Charge Conference: Does the Book of Discipline address this question? Read More

Is the pastor a member of the PPR committee?

Learn how The Book of Discipline answers this question. Read More

Is the pastor a voting member of the board of trustees?

Learn how The Book of Discipline addresses this issue. Read More

What are the pastor’s voting privileges on committees?

The pastor is a member of most committees, but there are several exceptions. Read More

Can the pastor be the chairperson of a committee?

Learn how The Book of Discipline addresses this question. Read More

Does The United Methodist Church discourage pastors from having contact with their former members?

Is it true that The United Methodist Church discourages pastors from having contact with members of congregations that they previously served? Read More

Are the new pastoral appointments posted online?

The answer may depend on your annual conference. Read More

Can anyone attend a committee meeting?

Who is allowed to vote at committee meetings? Read More

Our pastor is being moved to another church.  How is this decision made?

There are several common misconceptions about the appointment process. Learn more here: Read More

Professor touts Native American lessons

Learn about how one professor believes Native American culture can help inform solutions to the world’s pressing problems. Read More

(From left) Theology student Murray Crooks speaks with the Rt. Rev. Stephen Charleston on the campus of Saint Paul School of Theology at Oklahoma City University. Crooks is a Native American student from Alaska.

School’s leadership program nurtures Native Americans

A new program at Saint Paul School of Theology seeks to raise the visibility of Native Americans in the church. Read More

Episcopacy Study

The study addresses the leadership role of bishops in reforming and renewing our Connection and their responsibility to guard the faith, order, liturgy, doctrine and discipline of the church. Read More

FAQs: Committee Leadership

Who can serve on committees? Does the pastor serve on committees? Read More

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