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A statue of John Wesley stands outside of Wesley's Chapel in London, one of the many sites visited by the Wesley Pilgrimage in England. Photo by Mike Peel, CC BY-SA 4.0, courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

The Wesley Pilgrimage: Walking the path of early Methodists

Visiting the birthplace of the Methodist movement inspires United Methodist clergy and laity in their spiritual journeys and their ministries. Read More

General Conference in May again will take up the question of whether all United Methodist bishops should have limited terms of office. Photo illustration by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications

GC2016: Should bishops have term limits?

Multiple proposals heading to General Conference would limit how long bishops can serve and in some cases, require them to face re-election. Read More

Could you be a lay servant?

From visiting shut-ins to convening a committee to preaching from the pulpit, the office is returning to its Wesleyan roots. Read More

Lay leaders and lay servants help mold local church congregations and leaders. Artwork courtesy of Discipleship Ministries.

Ministry of the Laity resources

Lay Leaders and Lay Servants are knowledgeable and committed local church leaders who have received specific leadership training. Read More

Chuck Knows Church explains the role of lay servants or lay speakers in the church.

Chuck Knows Church: Lay Servant

He or she may fill in on the pulpit or take leadership positions in the church. Chuck explains the role of a lay servant. View

How many members are needed for a quorum for any committee?

Church Council: What is the definition of a quorum? Read More

How are vacancies filled that occur in committees?

Church Council: If a committee member resigns, how is the vacant position filled? Read More

What are the pastor’s voting privileges on committees?

The pastor is a member of most committees, but there are several exceptions. Read More

Can the pastor be the chairperson of a committee?

Learn how The Book of Discipline addresses this question. Read More

Can anyone attend a committee meeting?

Who is allowed to vote at committee meetings? Read More

FAQs: Lay Leadership

As a new leader, where can I learn more about my role? Read More

FAQs: Leadership

Do you serve on a church committee? Wonder how clergy are appointed to churches? Find out more. View

Can paid staff persons vote on committees?

Church Council: What about voting on other committees? Read More

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