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Bispo Ivan Abrahams do Conselho Mundial Metodista prega no dia 17 de Maio. Foto de  Mike DuBose, UMNS

Bispo Abraham exorta para comprometimento Wesleyana aos marginalizados

Jesus de Palestina tem sido sempre acessível a todos, disse o líder máximo do Conselho Mundial Metodista. Read More

Bishop Ivan Abrahams top executive of the World Methodist Council, gives the sermon May 17 during morning worship at the 2016 United Methodist General Conference in Portland, Ore. Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS.

Bishop Abrahams urges Wesleyan commitment to the marginalized

Jesus of Palestine has always been accessible to all, says World Methodist Council top executive. Read More

Easter lily. Photo by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications.

Resurrection celebrated in town terrorists attacked

United Methodist bishop in Côte d’Ivoire holds Easter service in town that was site of deadly terrorist attack. Read More

“The Road to Emmaus,” an 1877  painting by Robert Zund.  The Gospel of Luke account remains beloved reading and gives inspiration to spiritual retreats. Public Domain

Walking with Christ: Do you know the way to Emmaus?

Luke’s account of the risen Christ’s journey remains beloved reading and gives inspiration to United Methodist-supported retreats. Here is why it resonates. Read More

The image of Mary, the mother of Jesus, has resonance around the world. From left, here are Persian, Byzantine and Kenyan depictions of the woman who has lessons for disciples today. Photo illustration by Kathleen Barry, United Methodist Communications

Words of wisdom from mother Mary

With great faith, Christ’s mother challenged social expectations. She offers lessons for our Christian witness today. Read More

United Methodist clergy and laity join in prayer for the Rev. F. Willis Johnson Jr. in Ferguson, Mo. Photo by Kelley Hartnett.

United Methodists join in Ferguson protest

An interracial group of clergy and lay people joined in a nonviolent demonstration to “be a presence of peace.” Read More

Sacro Monte di Crea. The finding of the empty tomb of Christ, statues by Antonio Brilla, 1889. (Public domain). Photo by Stefano Bistolfi, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

‘We shall be raised!’

“I believe in … the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting." Christians have repeated these words for centuries. But what do they mean? Several scholars offer their perspectives. Read More

Judas Iscariot (right), retiring from the Last Supper. New Testament scholars argue for a nuanced view of the disciple who betrayed Jesus. Painting by Carl Heinrich Bloch, late 19th century. Public domain

What can Christians learn from Judas?

Christians still struggle today with how to view Jesus’ most notorious disciple. Scholars argue for a nuanced view. Read More

Holy Thursday foot washing at Belmont United Methodist Church, Nashville, Tennessee. Photo by Mike DuBose, United Methodist News Service.

Washing Feet: A dream for a servant

"There is nothing more important in heaven or on earth than washing feet." A sick man's dream of Jesus changes his life forever. Read More

Chuck, played by Josh Childs, ponders the Gospel of Matthew's account of the  Magi's visit to Jesus. Video image from ‘Chuck Knows Church: Wise Men,’ courtesy United Methodist Discipleship Ministries

6 questions with ‘Chuck Knows Church’ star

Josh Childs, who plays the titular lead, talks about his own faith and his extensive research for the popular series' potluck episode. Read More

This Nativity is part of the collection in the Nativity Museum maintained by First United Methodist Church in Tullahoma, Tennessee. Photo by Lilla Marigza, United Methodist Communications.

Christmas meditation: Jesus in unexpected places

Writer reflects, ‘Jesus was surrounded by unexpected people in an out-of-the-way place’ – a reminder of where we still might meet him today. Read More

A statue of “Weeping Jesus” is found near the memorial site in Oklahoma City where 168 perished in the 1995 terrorist bombing. Photo by Ronny Perry, UMNS

‘Jesus wept’: Finding God’s comfort when times are bad

Writer reflects, 'Though only 10 characters, too short to tweet, that verse has tremendous significance, when we are struggling to find hope.' Read More

Why did Jesus have to die?

As every Christian knows, Jesus freely died for our sins. But was there a less brutal way for God and humanity to be reconciled? Read More

What does The United Methodist Church teach about the Virgin Mary?

Learn more about The United Methodist teaching on the Virgin Mary. Read More

Our Christian Roots: Jesus

We believe in the mystery of salvation through Jesus Christ. God became human in Jesus of Nazareth; and his life, death and resurrection demonstrates God's redeeming love. Read More

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