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A 2012 General Conference delegate speaks against divestment. Photo by Paul Jeffrey, UMNS.

Reassessment prompts sale of pension stock

Board of Pension and Health Benefits responds to concerns raised about business activities of G4S corporation. Read More

Photo courtesy of the United Methodist Board of Pension and Health Benefits

Report on investing, human rights offers guidelines

April 30, 2014

United Methodist task force asks for comments from church members by June 1 about its draft report. Read More

Wespath (Pension and Health Benefits)

Supervises and administers the pension and benefits programs, plans and funds of The United Methodist Church. It administers and disburses the retirement and benefit funds of the various annual conferences. Read More

Q&A: Wespath (Board of Pension and Health Benefits)

Our mission is “to care for those who serve by providing investment and benefit services according to the principles of The United Methodist Church.” Read More

GC2012: Split views on Palestinian support

Some back petitions to divest from companies tied to occupation; others opposed to that strategy look to economic investment. Read More

Investment issue before GC2012

General Conference petition backs divesting from three companies related to Israel's occupation of Palestinian land. Read More

Board screens out private-prison stocks

Pension board of directors decides profiting from the incarceration of people is not in keeping with church teachings. Read More

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