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God-led hospitality gesture at GC2016 underscores United Methodist connection

A reservation snafu was the catalyst launching two strangers into a friendship for life. Read More

Jonathan Wilke, at right, and other young people are flocking to Immanuel United Methodist Church in Eberswalde, Germany. The church is defying the odds in the formerly Communist region by welcoming newcomers. Now, the church is striving to help refugees. Photo by Heather Hahn, UMNS

How a church overcomes hostility to Christianity

A church in formerly Communist eastern Germany defies the odds by welcoming newcomers, including the influx of recent asylum-seekers. Read More

Rev. Sherry Cothran Woosley greets people after the service at West Nashville United Methodist Church. A UMNS photo by Kathleen Barry.

Radical Welcome Defined

This resource offers tips for being a radically welcoming community, especially to those who have been marginalized. View

File photo by Kathy L. Gilbert, UMNS

5 ways to reclaim Wesleyan evangelism

Expert says truly sharing and living out the good news means developing relationships. “Are we friendly, or are we in the practice of making friends?” Read More

Asbury UMC member Leah Sarat, right, joins Restoration Project volunteer Cyndi Whitmore at the Phoenix Greyhound Station to provide outreach to newly released immigrant detainees. Photo: Leah M. Sarat, Church World Service.

Bus station hospitality

Volunteers offer shelter, phones, food, coats and help navigating bus schedules for women released from immigrant detention. Read More

The Rev. Douglas Waite. Photo courtesy of Douglas Waite

Embrace military families and give thanks

Retired Navy chaplain reflects on 30 years of active service and shares ways for United Methodist churches to reach out. Read More

Somebody has been sitting in my pew!

Accidentally invading someone's "family pew" can be a disaster or an opportunity to start a conversation and make a new friend. Read More

Circles of Care for Immigrants

Therapist-turned-pastor provides free mental health support for immigrants facing long separations from family and fears of deportation. View

Bishops oppose racism, back immigration reform

United Methodist leaders call on Christians to advocate for humane reform and to recognize the sacredness of every person. Read More

UMTV: Church Embraces Haitians

The earthquake shook lives in Florida and brought two communities closer together. "Almost every single church member has someone in Haiti." Read More

Welcoming the Migrant to the U.S.

We regret any and all violence committed against migrants in the past and resolve to work to eliminate racism and violence directed towards newly arriving migrants to the United States. Read More

Elvira Arellano took sanctuary in Adalberto United Methodist Church in Chicago for one year ending in August of 2007 before her arrest in Los Angeles.

Church supports justice for migrants

United Methodists have adopted resolutions supporting justice for migrants worldwide and reform of U.S. immigration laws. Read More

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