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Resident of tent city in Greenville, South Carolina with puppy. Photo by Jessica Connor, the South Carolina Advocate.

Being real: Relationships serve people in poverty

One woman’s journey into a tent city reveals real stories of the homeless, and how ministry workers bring hope of a new life. Read More

Ingrid McIntyre working with Nashville, Tennessee’s displaced tent city population. Photo courtesy Rethink Church.

Be awkward for Jesus

A few years after grad school, Ingrid McIntyre came to a crossroads: stay at her 9-5 job or work with the homeless. Her advice? Read More

Little River United Methodist Church aids homeless neighbors with showers and laundry. Photo courtesy the South Carolina United Methodist Advocate.

Helping ‘the folks from the woods’

Little River United Methodist Church offers homeless neighbors free showers, laundry to be a bridge "back to where they need to go.” Read More

Ingrid McIntyre (right) helps Joe Cox fill out paperwork to secure housing at an outdoor sanctuary for the homeless at Green Street Church of Christ in Nashville, Tenn. McIntyre is executive director of Open Table Nashville, an interfaith non-profit organization that works with the poor and marginalized. A UMNS photo by Mike DuBose.; Mike DuBose, UMNS

Humanizing the Homeless

Ingrid McIntyre, a United Methodist in Tennessee, was featured on CBS's "60 Minutes." She is a founder of Open Table Nashville, which works to end homelessness. View

The 2013

Homeless scholars inspire church pageant

Two sisters, who graduated with honors despite being homeless, inspired a Georgia church to incorporate their story into a Christmas play. Read More

Church honors homeless woman who died on its grounds

The congregation of Spring Woods United Methodist Church in a suburban part of Houston remembered a homeless woman found dead on the church’s grounds after a cold night. Read More

Ministry with Poor Roundtable fosters friendships, ideas

The Ministry with the Poor Roundtable began on a blue note, with some pastors and ministry leaders saying they felt rather alone in their work and not as supported by The United Methodist Church as they should be. Read More

UMTV: Mentor for Homeless

Once an orphan on the streets, Kevin King now ministers to the homeless through church program: "If I reach one person then I'm doing God's work." View

Finding God in unexpected places

Denver encounter with a homeless man reminds traveler that 'we all have a hole in our soul.' Read More

GC2012: Breaking bread with the homeless

Delegates took a break from legislative tedium to eat and sing with Tampa's homeless. Read More

Helping the Homeless 101

For college students running a Philadelphia homeless shelter, the biggest lesson is one they aren't learning in class. Read More

UMTV: Clinic for Homeless Teens

One group of doctors, nurses and caseworkers doesn't just walk by the homeless youth in their city. They bring care to them, in a big blue van. View

Teen Homeless Ministry: Meredith Medlin

Meredith Medlin delivers lunch, and love, to those who call parking lots and park benches home. View