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Does April Fool’s Day have religious roots?

Find out how “holy fools" have a place in church history. "God’s own foolishness is the only true wisdom." Read More

Illustration: President's Day and United Methodist U.S. Presidents.  A UMNS photo by Kathleen Barry. 2/4/11.; A UMNS photo by Kathleen Barry.

Many U.S. presidents have Methodist ties

How did leaders from Lincoln to FDR to Obama turn to Wesley's followers for spiritual and social aid? Read More

Resources for celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Find ideas to use for Martin Luther King Jr. Day on January 20, 2014. View

After 50 years, MLK dream nearer to reality

In his annual letter, Bishop White recalls 1963 when King 'took that mass of humanity to ... Church!' in the March on Washington. Read More

King opposed war, not those who served

King 'foot soldier' emphasizes that acts of concern and care for those who defend the nation are 'essential for any of us who claim to be antiwar.' Read More

Honoring veterans is tribute to King’s legacy

When protesting war or Jim Crow laws, Civil Rights leader engaged the policymakers, not those simply following orders. Read More

‘Giving Tuesday’ to keep Christ in Christmas

Amid the bargain-hunting hype, generous givers seek opportunities to feed hungry, fight malaria, offer relief, nurture leaders and more. Read More

Haunted? Even Wesleys heard ‘bumps in night’

It's that time of year. Read ghost stories from churches, cemeteries and the home of one famous Methodist. Read More

Family Fosters 100 Children: Ralph and Sue Hillman

Ralph and Sue Hillman felt a call to help those in need. "This voice, and I knew it was God, said, 'I want you to take care of babies.'" View

Dakotas couple brings holidays to young

Contributions to Shoebox Christmas project enable many Native parents to see their children open gifts when there is no money in budget for extras. Read More

UMTV: Father’s Adoption Story

United Methodist dad recalls the dramatic circumstances that saved one baby's life and changed his family's future. View

My dad: A kind, gentle man of steel

Nettles Talbert taught son to "acknowledge the humanity in the other person." Read More

Celebrating my father, exorcising a demon

We need to examine our fathers to understand the challenges of their lives, says retired pastor, now a father and grandfather. Read More

UMTV: Battle Buddies Mentor Veterans

Fellow vets support returning troops battling everything from PTSD to homelessness. View

Biblical Mothers not a job for the faint of heart

As the U.S. prepares to celebrate Mother's Day, we look at some of the strong role models from Scripture. Read More

Remember maternal health on Mother’s Day

Mothers are vital to families and communities, but many women struggle to have healthy pregnancies and births. Read More

Racism still stings, bishop tells King

In his birthday letter to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Bishop Woodie White ponders whether race is America's 'stubborn virus.' Read More

United Methodists reach out at Christmas

In diverse ways, congregations, conference employees and others shared resources, time and talents to brighten holiday for others. Read More

UMTV: Santa’s Toymakers at Church

Church volunteers have made 25,000 toys for kids in need. "It's not just what's going in the box, it's what's going on inside that building." View

Church Empowers the Poor

A Nashville congregation welcomes those living in poverty and gives people who may have had many obstacles in life some new opportunities. View

UMTV: Youth Share Thanksgiving Meals

"I was taught at this church that everybody is family." Young people prepare turkey dinners with a side of caring for elderly neighbors. View

A stained-glass window in the United States depicts St. Patrick with his staff and holding a church.

What St. Patrick can teach United Methodists

The patron saint of Ireland left a legacy of evangelism that Christians today can emulate. He also knew something about piracy. Read More

Haiti earthquake recovery: one year later

To commemorate the one-year anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti that occurred Jan. 12, 2010, The United Methodist Church is reminding people that much work remains to be done in Haiti and there are ways they can help. Read More to launch Dec.15

On December 15, The United Methodist Church will officially launch a newly redesigned website for young adult spiritual seekers,, which invites visitors to question, discuss, get involved and make a difference. Read More

Father’s Day has Methodist ties

Two United Methodist churches lay claims to starting the celebration. Read More