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PET recipient Oke Seun meets PET Mobility founders Mel West and Larry Hills. Photo courtesy of PET Mobility Missouri-Columbia.

Wheelchairs That Work Anywhere

United Methodists invented a PET project to help those unable to walk find freedom and jobs. “It’s what Christ would do if he were here.” View

Bishop Albert Mutti and his wife, Etta Mae Mutti, observe a moment of silence during an AIDS Vigil held May 11 at the United Methodist 2016 General Conference in Portland, Ore. The Vigil was sponsored by the UMC Global AIDS Fund Committee. Photo by Maile Bradfield, UMNS.

Vigil remembers 35 million who died from AIDS

According to UNAIDS estimates, 2.2 million children live with HIV, and the disease remains a threat to people of all ages and nationalities. Read More

Patients wait in the sheltered outpatients bay at Nyahuku Clinic. Improvements at the satellite clinic of the United Methodist Nyadire Mission Hospital will help meet the demands of the 14 villages in the area. Photo by Eveline Chikwanah, UMNS

Nyadire satellite clinics take health care to remote areas

Zimbabwe's Nyadire Mission Hospital’s satellite clinics are being expanded and upgraded with the support of United Methodists in Pennsylvania. Read More

Lofato Feliobola removes a baby from the seat used to weigh him at The United Methodist Church's Mangobo Health Center in Kisangani, Democratic Republic of Congo. A new “Abundant Health” campaign for the denomination would reach one million children with lifesaving interventions between 2017 and 2020. Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS

Promoting ‘Abundant Health’ at GC2016

Campaign led by United Methodist Board of Global Ministries aims to improve health of 1 million children. Read More

Children get water from a pump in video about global health efforts of The United Methodist Church. Video image courtesy of Board of Global Ministries.

Abundant Health: What United Methodists are doing for children

Video explains how “Abundant Health” campaign would reach one million children with lifesaving interventions between 2017 and 2020. View

Members of The Gathering United Methodist Church install a well in a rural community in Mozambique. Image from video courtesy of The Gathering.

Churches Give Clean Water for Africa

“126,000 people have access to safe water who didn’t five years ago.” Partnership between Missouri and Mozambique is changing lives. View

Mother cradles baby at Nyadire Hospital in Zimbabwe. Photo by Paolo Patruno, courtesy of United Methodist Women.

United Methodist Women support midwife training in Africa

In Zimbabwe, nearly 100 midwives are trained per year. Watch some at work in this video visit to Nyadire Hospital. View

Tinotenda Zamchiya, 4, was playing on the Nyadire United Methodist Hospital playground three days after she began treatment for a serious case of malaria. Photo by Vicki Brown, UMNS.

Health care in rural Zimbabwe at Nyadire

United Methodist mission hospital, clinics provide much needed care for an isolated area around Nyadire, Zimbabwe. Read More

Men carry women on their backs through difficult terrain during a community needs assessment visit by a United Methodist health team in Kowama Village. Photo by Phileas Jusu, UMNS

United Methodists assess health needs in Sierra Leone villages

Community health project will “change the behavior of our people toward their health,” said Beatrice Gbanga, medical coordinator for The United Methodist Church in Sierra Leone. Read More

UMTV: Church Erases AIDS Stigma

December is AIDS Awareness Month. For 20 years, this congregation has been "embracing everyone despite nationality or health issues." Read More

Vaccine a milestone in fight against malaria

New vaccine for young children hailed as “an important step in the elimination of malaria-related illness and death across the world,” says Bishop Tom Bickerton. Read More

Maeghan Orton (left) learns about how medical records are kept at the United Methodist Church's Mercy Hospital in Bo Sierra Leone, from Taiwo Sesay, who oversees the hospital's maternity unit. Orton is from Medic Mobile, a technology partner of United Methodist Communications. Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS.

Mobile technology monitors health in the DRC

In parts of Africa, the nearest clinic might be a day away and the doctor may be out. A new project will improve healthcare through better communication. Read More

Joseph Bangura stands behind a barrier in a Freetown, Sierra Leone fish market. Bangura and hundreds of others are under quarantine after a boat with occupants infected with Ebola washed ashore at the market. Photo by Jan Snider, United Methodist Communications

After Ebola: A devastated country picks up the pieces

Ebola maintains a deadly grip on Sierra Leone, but United Methodists and others are working to help the people move forward. Read More

Maps courtesy of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, labeling of United Methodist hospitals and clinic by United Methodist Committee on Relief.

Archives: The Church Responds to Ebola

United Methodists continue to combat the deadly outbreak across West Africa. Find latest updates and ways you can help. More

6-year-old Osman Konteh was shunned by his village after his parents died of Ebola and he survived. He now lives in a private orphanage with other Ebola orphans in Kenema, Sierra Leone. Photo by Jan Snider, United Methodist Communications

Ebola: The Struggle to Recover in Africa

The deadly virus left a path of destruction in Sierra Leone. A year later, learn how The United Methodist Church is working to revitalize this resilient nation. Read More

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