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Handwritten captions provide interesting, but often incomplete, details on photos of Methodist mission activity. The caption here names a nurse treating a native woman in La Paz, Bolivia.

Early Methodist mission photos wow scholars

Scholars are intrigued by more than 100,000 images depicting mission scenes around the globe. Read More

Marjorie Swank Matthews, first woman bishop of The United Methodist Church, 1980. Photo courtesy Archives and History.

Women of Distinction

From the first woman approved to preach the gospel at annual conference to the first female bishop, these women paved the way for today's leaders. Read More

One of the panels in a quilt at the United Methodist Commission on Archives and History depicts two women in a reflective pose, representing the struggle of women for representation and ordination. Photo courtesy of the United Methodist Commission on Archives and History

A United Methodist story of welcoming the immigrant

The current debate over immigration brings The United Methodist Church's history of working with long-ago immigrant women into focus. Read More

Archivist, Dale Patterson, shows historic photos from the collection at GCAH

Ministry of Memory (UMTV)

Enjoy a visual trip through Archives and History’s collection of rare and treasured pieces of Methodism. View

UMTV: Museum of Methodism

The United Methodist Church's rich history comes to life in a fascinating collection of treasures. View

Church TV show and Jackie Robinson

The TV program produced by the Methodist Church offers a glimpse of Jackie Robinson in the role of civic leader. Read More

Archives & History

Gathers, preserves, and disseminates materials on the history of The United Methodist Church and its antecedents. It maintains archives and a library in which the historical records are kept. Read More

Q&A: Commission on Archives & History

Attends to all the historical interests of the denomination and collects and processes historical materials related to all aspects of the work of The United Methodist Church. Read More

Agency QA: Archives and History

Series looks at how agencies carry out mission. "Through archival records&ellipsis;balanced accountability of our actions is maintained." Read More

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