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Jesus prayed for forgiveness of those who were putting him to death. We are also to be forgiving. “Crucifixion” by Peter Gertner, 16th century. Walters Art Museum, Public domain, courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Why those who are forgiven should be forgiving

Jesus made a sacrifice so that we might be forgiven. As Christians, we too should be forgiving of others. Read More

When We're Bad at Being Good

In this podcast episode, author J. Brent Bill offers tips for the times we fear we've failed and don't quite measure up. Listen

We confess our sins before God and one another. Stock photo by, Creative Commons 0.

Before God and one another: United Methodists and confession

Confession is not a sacrament in The United Methodist Church, but we confess our sins in worship and small groups to receive forgiveness and strength. Read More

Ruth Schwab says when the Oklahoma City National Memorial was being designed and developed, she never dreamed it could be a place people would want to come to. “Visitors come from all over the world,” she says. “It’s a tranquil place where I feel peace, even though it marks the place where so many suffered so much.

Oklahoma City bombing survivor says God helped her forgive

A United Methodist bombing survivor testifies to how she found peace even after the attack took her friends, her eye and her job. Read More

Nelson Mandela. Photo taken in 2000. Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Robben Island reflections: Mandela showed us how to forgive

Tafadzwa W. Mudambanuki reflects on the contribution of Nelson Mandela, an inspiration to people of all colors and all nations. Read More

Methodists mark May 24 Aldersgate milestone

World Methodist Evangelism organizes events in London as "people called Methodist" remember the life-changing moment of John Wesley. Read More

Seeing God’s presence in a week of tragedy

In an unprecedented time of challenges, many see God's love in multiple ways. Read what they say and share what you have seen. Read More

Messages of caring and hope for Boston

Bishop and United Methodists around the globe testify to seeing God in action after the bombings at the Boston Marathon. Read More

Newtown pastor sees pain as path to healing

The Rev. Mel Kawakami reflects on the hurt in his community as he shepherds his flock through anguish of school shootings. Read More

A Sunday of tears and comfort in Newtown

After the horrors of school shooting, nothing seems right until a congregation comes together to ask, "In our trials, Lord, walk with us." Read More

Celebrating my father, exorcising a demon

We need to examine our fathers to understand the challenges of their lives, says retired pastor, now a father and grandfather. Read More

Ecumenical commission considers its future

The general agency has proposed drastically shrinking its board or folding its work into the Council of Bishops. Read More

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