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Find-A-Church Goes Global

Find-A-Church, the online directory of United Methodist churches, is going global. A mapping project is expanding Find-A-Church to include information on churches outside the U.S. for the first time. Read More

Stem Cell Research

...stem cell research, including somatic nuclear cell transfer, offers great potential for healing... Read More

Being the Church Amid Disagreement

Local congregations, study groups, cabinets, clusters and districts, annual, central and General Conferences can be holy and hopeful places of discord. Regardless of our positions on controversial issues, we can practice a ministry of mindfulness of the impact of our discord. Read More

Adoption in a Global Context

In a time when many parents are seeking to adopt children, and when many children are needing a loving, caring family, The United Methodist Church affirms adoption as a means to create and strengthen families. Read More

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