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FAQs: Communion

What does it mean that we practice open communion? Why do we use grape juice rather than wine? Read More

FAQs: Beliefs

Do we believe in saints? What happens after a person dies? Learn more about what we believe. View

FAQs: Resources

Wondering where to find curriculum or other United Methodist resources? Get help here. Read More

FAQs: What We Believe

Learn more about what the church teaches on topics such as sin, salvation, the sacraments and social issues. Read More

What is The United Methodist Church’s position on evolution?

Learn more about The United Methodist Church's position on evolution. Read More

Dr. Jeff Thill, a volunteer at a Shepherd's Hope Health Center in Orlando, Fla., examines patient Geannie Figuereo. The clinic, founded 10 years ago by St. Luke's United Methodist Church, serves residents without access to insurance or medical care.

What is The United Methodist Church’s position on health care reform?

From our earliest days United Methodists have believed that providing health care to others is an important duty of Christians. Read More

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