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Cross draped with white cloth for Easter. Photo by creativex /

FAQs: Lent & Easter

Why do we observe Lent before Easter? Why do people give up sweets or caffeine for Lent? Find some facts about the season. Read More

One short video about One Great Hour

Video answers your most pressing questions about the United Methodist Special Sunday which supports the work of UMCOR. View

FAQs: Committee Leadership

Who can serve on committees? Does the pastor serve on committees? Read More

FAQs: Lay Leadership

As a new leader, where can I learn more about my role? Read More

FAQs: Clergy Leadership

How does the pastor lead the work of the church? How are pastors reappointed? Read More

FAQs: Leadership

Do you serve on a church committee? Wonder how clergy are appointed to churches? Find out more. View

FAQs: Serving

How do I help with disaster relief? Where can I find mission opportunities for my youth group? Read More

FAQs: Giving

Individuals tithe or pledge money to their church, and each local church gives a portion, or apportionment, to the larger church. Read More

FAQs: Worship

What does a typical worship service look like? What should I wear? Read More

FAQs: Interreligious Issues

How does the church view beliefs of other Christian denominations as well as other religions like Judaism? Read More

FAQs: Advent and Christmas

What is Advent? What are Chrismons? Read More

FAQs: Worship and Christian Year

Wonder why your minister's stoles change color through out the year? Learn about the seasons of the Christian year. View

FAQs: Structure & Administration

Find contact information for local churches, bishops, and other United Methodist-related organizations. View

FAQs: Who We Are

Get contact information for regional offices, local churches and more. Also find out about clergy and laity leadership roles. Read More

FAQs: Social Issues

What does the church have to say about topics such as health care reform, gun control and abortion? Learn more. View

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