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Photo by Mike DuBose, UMNS.

United Methodists prepare for annual conferences

Legislative meetings for regional conferences in 2014 also include worship, ordination and even bike rides. Read More

Members of the New York Annual (regional) Conference pray together before the beginning of the April 27 session of the 2008 United Methodist General Conference in Fort Worth, Texas.

General Conference 2008: About the Delegates

Learn about delegates attending General Conference — how many there are, where they are from, and where each delegation will be seated. Read More

General Conference 2012: Legislation

Nine hundred and eighty-eight delegates from around the world set policy and direction for the church, as well as handled other business. Read More

Delegates study legislation at the 2012 United Methodist General Conference in Tampa, Fla.

General Conference 2012: Legislation

Nine hundred and eighty-eight delegates from around the world set policy and direction for the church, as well as handled other business. Read More

Delegates to the United Methodist Church's 2004 General Conference consider legislation from  their seats in the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh.

General Conference 2008: Business

Resources for those participating, covering or visiting GC2008. Read More

General Conference 2016

The United Methodist Church’s top legislative body will meet at the Oregon Convention Center, the largest convention center in the Pacific Northwest, on May 10-20, 2016. Read More

Delegate Counts Per Annual Conference Released

The secretary of the General Conference, Rev. L. Fitzgerald Reist, released today a list of numbers of delegates by annual conferences. Read More

Gloria Holt, then lay leader of the North Alabama Annual (regional) Conference, delivers the laity address at the 2004 United Methodist General Conference in Pittsburgh. Holt, who served as former president of the United Methodist Association of Annual Conference Lay Leaders, died Aug. 28, 2013. A UMNS file photo by Mike DuBose.

Gloria Holt, prominent lay leader, dies

She served at every level of the denomination, but her greatest passion was disciple-making at the local church. Read More

Claremont multifaith plan praised by Africans

African General Conference delegates praise Claremont Lincoln University, which partners Christian, Jewish and Islamic schools. Read More

Western Jurisdiction: Gay issue stand wrong

Grassroots movement OK'd to challenge bishops, clergy, laity, local churches to operate as if law book statement "does not exist." Read More

Five conferences merge to become two

South Central Jurisdiction approves the cost-saving merger of two Texas-based conferences and joining of two Kansas and Nebraska conferences. Read More

U.S. bishops elected, assigned for 2012-16

United Methodists also place a bishop on involuntary retirement and respond to shooting in Colorado. Read More

Conferences talk bishops, focus areas

United Methodist U.S. annual (regional) conferences and central conferences tackle a variety of issues during 2012 meetings. Read More

July conferences to elect 11 U.S. bishops

Three U.S. jurisdictions to select among at least 44 candidates; no elections in two jurisdictions. Read More

Global delegates mean multiple languages

A large team of interpreters helped non-English-speaking delegates maneuver through GC2012. Read More

12 lessons from 12 General Conferences

Rich Peck has seen a lot of history and worn a lot of hats in five decades attending General Conference. Read More

GC2012: Delegate serves 11th term

Ruth Daugherty of Eastern Pennsylvania has witnessed some of the historic and defining moments of General Conferences. Read More

GC2012: A night to recognize accomplishments

Time to celebrate 'challenges and achievements' of ministry with poor, global health, developing leaders, young people. Read More

GC2012: Affiliated, united churches welcomed

Bishop Rader recognizes delegates from 24 churches around the world with ties to The United Methodist Church. Read More

Do we understand how the church works?

Evidence and experience point to knowledge gap separating members from the official stands and policies of the church. Read More

Sibling Arkansas delegates share hopes

'Holy conferencing is holding fast to what you believe is true while listening to other people's truths.' Read More

General Conference 2012: Call to Prayer

Through global prayer network, every United Methodist can participate in the 2012 General Conference. Read More

Will restructuring cut vital ministry?

That's the question church staff want General Conference delegates to consider in weighing various reorganization proposals. Read More

Preview to church restructuring debate

Concerns raised that the proposed changes would give too much power to bishops and damage the denomination's 'separation of powers.' Read More

Delegates work on adopting parliamentary rules during the April 23 organizational session of the 2008 United Methodist General Conference in Fort Worth, Texas.

GC2012: How General Conference Works

Learn about what General Conference does, who attends, and specific facts about the 2012 conference held in Tampa, Fla. Read More

Delegate Andreas Elfving of the Finland-Swedish Provisional Conference speaks in a session of the legislative committee on church and society during the 2004 United Methodist General Conference in Pittsburgh.

General Conference 101: All you ever wanted to know

/umns_338_070643_234.jpg" staff="" status="" submit="" suggest="" superintendent="" system="" t="" taken="" than="" that="" the="" their="" theme="" they="" this="" those="" three="" through="" to="" together="" told="" total="" toward="" translated="" translation="" treasurer="" trying="" umns="" united="" unitinga="" up="" verbatim="" visitors="" volunteers="" vote="" vote.="" votes="" wade="" was="" we="" west="" what="" which="" who="" will="" williamsport="" with="" written="""" /> <h4>How does the petition process work?</h4><p>Any United Methodist individual or organization may petition General Conference. Each petition should only address one paragraph in the <u>Book of Discipline</u> or one subject in the <u>Book of Resolutions</u>. The petition should include a suggested topic, clear indication of the additions and deletions and whether financial costs are involved. Petitions may be sent by e-mail to <a href=""></a>. Petitions may be sent by mail to Petitions Secretary Gary W. Graves, United Methodist General Conference, P.O. Box 188, Beaver Dam, KY 42320-0187. All petitions must be sent by Oct. 26, 2007. A hand-printed or typed petition that must be keyed into the <u>DCA</u> must be received by Sept. 1.</p><p>Petitioners may include a 50-word maximum rationale for disciplinary petitions. The rationale will be placed only on the General Conference Web site.</p><h4>How is hospitality provided at General Conference?</h4><p>Some 4,000 people will serve in a variety of volunteer roles such as greeters, registration officials, marshals, pages, translators, hosts and hostesses, guides, drivers, musicians, technicians, reporters and emergency-response volunteers.</p><p>The Rev. Thomas Childs, director of host operations, told United Methodist News Service that nine teams will operate under the theme "Gracious Hospitality." The teams hope to "create an atmosphere of grace and civility that sets the stage for true Christian conferencing."</p><p>The teams, under the general leadership of Bishop Ben Chamness and host operations chairpersonthe Rev. Allen Goss, will provide special care for international delegates. They also will aid delegates who lose their luggage or experience housing problems.</p><p>Among other things, the teams plan to provide health screenings, a daily exercise program, a fun run and a prayer room and labyrinth. They will provide tours, information about restaurants and special services for bishops and their spouses. Cookies have been provided by host committees of preceding conferences, but recently convention center officials have expressed concern about food safety since they have no control over who brings in the food or its contents. Stay tuned.</p><p>The host committee also will provide hospitality for a pre-conference session on Jan. 24-26 for news organizations and heads of delegations.</p><h4>What is the Area Night?</h4><p>The international award-winning Texas Boys Choir will perform on Sunday evening. The informal Texas-theme evening will include a general reception taking the place of the bishops' reception, which traditionally was held on the evening before sessions begin.</p><h4>What will be the major speeches at General Conference?</h4><div class="pull-image-editorial right"><img alt="" src="{DB6A45E4-C446-4248-82C8-E131B6424741}/hs_powell_lyn_07t.jpg" /> <div class="pull-image-editorial-caption"> <p><em>Lyn Powell</em></p> </div> </div><p>Daily sessions begin with worship, and in the opening week there will be three speeches: an Episcopal address, Laity Address and a first-ever Young People's Address.</p><p>The Episcopal Address will be given by Illinois Area Bishop Sharon Brown Christopher on behalf of the Council of Bishops, which will approve the address before delivery.</p><p>The Laity Address will be delivered by Lyn Powell, lay leader of the North Georgia Conference and president of the Southeastern Jurisdiction's lay leader association. The title of her speech as approved by Annual Conference Lay Leaders will be "Hope for the Future: Making Disciples of Jesus Christ for a Transformed World." The address will be part of conference theme "A Future with Hope."</p><p>The Division on Ministries with Young People will select a youth speaker or speakers at its August meeting and will announce its selection on Sept. 1.</p><p>Many bishops will speak in Fort Worth area churches on the Sunday prior to the gathering.</p><h4>Will delegates have an opportunity for orientation?</h4><p>In an opening session, three general agencies (Commission on the Status and Role of Women, the Commission on Religion and Race and the Board of Global Ministries) will conduct a 20-minute training session to foster gender, racial and international inclusiveness. Presentations and a video will encourage delegates to allow time for translations, to respect cultural differences, and to include women, people of color and people from other nations in leadership positions.</p><p>Prior to their arrival in Fort Worth, delegates will receive a DVD explaining the rules and procedures for General Conference, an introduction to Fort Worth, the duties of legislative committee officers, tips on obtaining a visa to the United States and the importance of inclusiveness.</p><p>Prior to the gathering, the Commission on the Status and Role of Women and the Women's Division will hold an orientation session for women, and the Inter-Ethnic Strategy Development Group will hold a session for ethnic minorities.</p><h4>What is the proposal for making the U.S. church a regional body?</h4><p>United Methodist churches in the United States may become part of a regional body, similar to church units in Africa, Europe and Asia if the 2008 General Conference approves four constitutional amendments striking out language that says central conferences are only for areas of the church outside the United States.</p><p>If those amendments are approved by two-thirds of the delegates to General Conference and two-thirds of the aggregate number of members attending annual conferences, the way would be cleared for the 2012 General Conference to introduce legislation creating a central conference for U.S. churches. The proposal, presented by a task force examining the global nature of the denomination, would allow central conferences to form or continue jurisdictions.</p><div class="pull-image-editorial right"><img alt="" src="{DB6A45E4-C446-4248-82C8-E131B6424741}/umns_338_070644_234.jpg" /> <div class="pull-image-editorial-caption"> <p><em>Seating assignments for conference delegates are very important. A UMNS file photo by John C. Goodwin.</em></p> </div> </div><p>The proposal acknowledges the fact that 30 percent of United Methodist members now live outside the United States and legislation that could be proposed to the 2012 General Conference would eliminate U.S.-specific concerns from General Conference. Those concerns would become the business of a U.S. Central Conference.</p><p>The 2008 General Conference will be asked to allow the task force and the Connectional Table to jointly continue their study of the church's worldwide nature and report to the 2012 legislative assembly on the church's characteristics and how the United States could become a regional conference while retaining its five jurisdictions where bishops are elected.</p><h4>How are seating assignments made?</h4><p>With nearly 1,000 delegates, gaining the attention of the chair in order to speak to the assembly can be difficult. Therefore, seating assignments become very important.</p><p>Delegations seated in the back half of the assembly hall in Pittsburgh will be in the front half in Fort Worth. The Commission on General Conference places the names of 2004 delegations seated in the back half in a hat; commission members pull the names, with those first drawn gaining a seat on the front row. The names of delegations that occupied front row seats in 2004 are drawn only after the other names have been drawn. The delegation from Nigeria will be in the first row at the 2008 gathering.</p><p>*Peck is a retired clergy member of New York Annual Conference. He has attended 10 General Conference sessions, including four as editor of the <u>Daily Christian Advocate</u>. He served as an editor for United Methodist News Service at the 2004 assembly.</p><p>News media contact: Tim Tanton, Nashville, Tenn., (615) 742-5470 or <a href=""></a>.</p> <!-- <h4>Related Articles</h4><p><a data-cke-saved-href="" href="">Oct. 26 deadline set for General Conference petitions</a></p><p><a data-cke-saved-href="" href="">General Conference host issues call to prayer</a></p><p><a data-cke-saved-href="" href="">Commission proposes changes in General Conference</a></p><p><a data-cke-saved-href="" href="">Volunteer pages, marshals needed for '08 assembly</a></p>-->' override='A guide for the 2008 meeting where United Methodists will set direction for the church for 2009-12.' override2='' preview_words='50' show_full_summary='{mrow:show_full_summary}' } Read More