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Christmas giving blesses giver, receiver

At United Methodist alternative-giving markets, shoppers find that compassion, not consumerism, is the best way to honor the Christ-child. Read More

‘Giving Tuesday’ to keep Christ in Christmas

Amid the bargain-hunting hype, generous givers seek opportunities to feed hungry, fight malaria, offer relief, nurture leaders and more. Read More

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Givers pick compassion over consumerism

Churches offer ways for people of good conscience to buy gifts that support people who are struggling and in need. Read More

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Alternative take on the ‘12 Days of Christmas’

"True love" refers to God and "eight maids a-milking" refer to the beatitudes. New lyrics give us a dozen ways to be more giving. Read More

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Presents or Presence? Gifts that Matter

How can we use the holidays to worship God more fully? What if we spend less, but give more? Read More

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