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Survey provides insight into what seekers want from church

A new survey from United Methodist Communications finds that spiritual growth and genuine community are the top motivators for attending church. Read More

Words are listed as part of the photo challenge to ask how you perceive Lent. Image courtesy of Rethink Church, United Methodist Communications.

Rethink Church: Lenten Photo A Day Project

How do you see the word mighty or heal? Join the Rethink Church photo challenge and share with the online community how you perceive Lent. More

Beyond Bethlehem: Hope for Refugees this Christmas

Celebrate Jesus’ birthday in a way that truly honors him by focusing on the urgent, global refugee crisis. Use these resources for your congregation to urge them to give half the money they would spend to help refugees. More

2015 Advent Photo A Day

Are you a visual psalmist? Do you pray with your camera in your hand? Join Alive Now for this daily spiritual practice. Read More

Artwork for Rethink Church's Advent campaign,

Free Advent Resources

Rethink Church has door hangers, sermon starters, graphics and a video to help your church share the true meaning of Christmas. Read More

People of all ages came out to enjoy Lego Family Fun Night at Celebration United Methodist Church, Gainesville, Florida. Photo courtesy of Celebration United Methodist Church.

Legos build connections

In a small community in Florida, a United Methodist church found their Lego Family Fun Night was a great way to build relationships across generations. Read More

Rebuilding community amidst racial tension

How do we act out of love amidst tension and injustice? Listen to Bishop Warner H. Brown, Jr., as he discusses the need to rebuild community and create healing. Read More

7 reasons your church should have a front porch

How well do you know your neighbors? Patrick Scriven says churches with an "outward-oriented ministry" develop connections with people who might not otherwise be attending services. Read More

Churches Rethink 9/11

A Chicago community is rethinking church by honoring 9/11 heroes as well as their own first responders, "who stand up and protect us every day." View

Faith community nurses: Healing body, mind and soul

United Methodists support faith community nurses across the U. S. who provide “educational principles, along with spiritual care and nurturing, during times of need.” Read More

Jennifer Dobbs and Matthew Oates share a moment after she said, “Yes” to his proposal of marriage in July 2008.  Photo by Marsha Esau.

Cupid in The United Methodist Church

Couples share how United Methodist ministries brought them together and the difference the church has made in their marriage. Read More

How can I help with disaster relief?

The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) provides resources and relief to many to overcome world hunger and poverty. Read More

United Methodist campuses fight bullying

Colleges are beginning to address bullying through early–alert processes, non-violence training, and spiritual direction classes. ‘Positive behavior is contagious.’ Read More

Should churches offer Holy Communion online?

Bishops, scholars, agency executives and pastors will tackle the theological implications of that question when they meet next week. Read More

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